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Hi, im on day 2 and so far doing ok, well apart from being very hungry and ive got a constant headache which ive taken paracetamal for but hasnt done anything, how long do u normally suffer with headaches for?
I am drinking 2 litres of water through out the day, is that enough? i really dont think i could manage anymore.

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Hi, im on day 4 now and had the same headaches for the first few days.

I found that drinking water more frequently help quite a lot, I drink about 3litres a day but carry a sports water bottle with me and just sip at it through the day and night.

The water helps to keep me feeling full at the same time

Hope this helps
day 2 was the worst day for me!!! week one was hard but day 2 was a killer!!!!! I went to bed at 8pm every night for the 1st week because I was so hungry but this is what I do now; I have my 1st shake about 11am-12pm then I have the soup about 430pm at the table with the family and then my last shake about 7pm-8pm I drink 4lt of water and this works for me, I think you have to find a pattern that suits you the best.
As for the headaches they do go away, you will start to feel better very soon so stick with it!!! it really is worth it and it really does work!!! try sparkling water, I find that more refreshing!!! good luck x
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i had the headaches the first time around and painful eyes as well....i tried to get a lie down and took some nurofen and had a black coffee...which i don't normally drink
this time around i reduced my carbs to virtually nothing last week and so far other than dry eyes i've been ok.....i'm on day 3 now so it could still kick in........
i've been told the dry eyes are dehydration, but i'm drinking over 4 litres so struggling at the minute
good luck keep up the good work


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hiya mummyx4, the headaches are really common, it could be caused by caffienne withdrawal or carbohydrate withdrawal or not drinking enough water. 2 litres is the minimum u should be having, it is hard but u really should try to drink more, i think most of us on here are drinking at least between 3 or 4 litres, i find drinking fizzy water is so much easier than tap! Also this will help with the hunger to!!! If its any concillation, i was really hungry on day 2 but i spent the day just resting as much as i could (i know its hard with kids as i have 2 of my own), ur energy levels are probably low but i got through day 2 and by half way through day 3, i began to feel a lot less hungry and my energy levels began to rise and by day 4 i felt really good! So stick with it, the key really is DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! Also i had plenty of black coffee as it does help with the hunger, Good luck and stick with it, it DOES get easier!!! xxx
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Hi there, Mel has said everything I was going to say. Promise you hun, thinks will get very much better very soon.
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i had severe head aches i went to the opts thinking it was cause i needed glasses never knew it was down to LT ended up having glasses for close up work which cost me £62 quid and now the bloody head aches have gone lmao due to drinking 3litres of water a day....... drink more water and the head aches will fade xxx


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I'm on Day 3 and suffering with the headaches too altho they were worse yesterday but I do find drinking more water helps. I am trying to drink up 3 Litres a day.

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