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Im into my first add a meal week now n since last week iv been havin these reali sore headaches n the paracetamol doesnt seem to work too well!! could it be the diet thats doin it because i no that thats one of the side effects but why would they only start recently??? could it be something im doing wrong??...HELP!!:cry:
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Hiya Lynsay

Are you drinking enough water?



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im finding it reali hard to drink all my water im gettin about 2 and a 1/2 litres a day but theres only so much water i can drink...iv tried coke zero n the new fanta apple zero too (which is gd) but it just makes me feel bloated n full constantly!! do you think i need to be drinking more???


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I think you do need to try and up the water intake, I have at least 4 ltrs a day and 5 if I can. Ive only had a headache on day 6. Try warm water to see if you can drink more. Hope you are ok soon