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Health Question


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S: 157lb C: 148lb G: 128lb BMI: 28 Loss: 9lb(5.73%)
I have been on RTM for 3 weeks, before that 22 weeks in abstinence. I am a bit concerned as I have not had a period for 13 weeks. I get period type dull aches but nothing comes of them. I am quite pleased not to have had the bother every month and have been sterilised after my 3rd child so my concern is purely "should this be happening? has it happened to anyone else?"
Grateful for any replies or advice :eek:
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Not sure I can give a good answer here, mine have been shot for some time and haven't come back as I thought they would. I can go for 12 weeks then get one every 28 days for a couple of months then nothing again for months.
The practise nurse thinks I have early pre-menopause as it runs in the family.

I would usually expect them to come back after a good weight loss. I might be worth seeing your GP or practise nurse about it.

If you have been sterilised then I doubt you are pregnant.
Sterilisation can bring forward menopause by a couple of years though.


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S: 157lb C: 148lb G: 128lb BMI: 28 Loss: 9lb(5.73%)
Thankyou A - I guess then that it may be coincidental and nothing to do with the lighter life plan?
My husband manages to make a link anything that happens to me health wise to the diet and this one I didn't have an answer for ;)
have a great day and thanks again
I've just posted about my hair loss and now I can also empathise with your question. My last period was in February. Same symptoms as you: dull aching pains that would seem to imply the beginning of something, then... nothing! My LLC says that this is a normal side effect but urged me to see my doctor if I was concerned. She said that it's your body's way of stopping you getting pregnant as the low cal diet is perceived as a famine. Saying that, I started on RTM in March, so I'd have expected it to be making it's return. Apparently not. I'll let you know when the old cardinal returns, if ever. Frankly as I'm not trying to get pregnant, I'm not really concerned enough to make an appointment to see the doctor. I freaked out over my hair loss though! Vanity, eh?


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Hi P, I never had my periods for 4 months, but then started 3 weeks ago, (so 8 weeks in to RTM). Doctor said that it could take a good 3-4 months for my periods to return. I also have PCOS.

I too did recieve the normal pains, aches etc and nothing happened prior to that.

Hair loos i have suffered from for the last 10months, (when i first started LL back in Sep 2007) and started RTM in April 2008 and am still losing loads of hair and i mean lods, its really got to me.
Oh Slimseaa! I'm so glad it's not just me! Sometimes the hair loss really gets me down, but I'm so grateful to be slim and healthy now. It's horrible though, isn't it?


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Hi girls,

My periods have also stopped but I dont know whether it is the diet or the fact that I am 52 and have started the menopause, whichever it is I am glad not to be having them as they are a flipping nuisance. I thought it might be the diet as I was abstinent for 42 weeks and am supposed to be in week 7 of RTM but for the last 2 weeks I have been off track as I have been in party mode due to my daughters wedding on the 5th July and my family arriving from all over the world for the celebrations. I have put weight on :cry: and have decided to try abstinence again, mainly because I have frightened myself at how much weight I have put on in such a short space of time. Not sure if I am doing the right thing or not but will have a chat with my counsellor next week about it. I feel more in control on abstinence but I know I cant stay on the packs for ever, even though I think I would prefer to. Going to Italy in 5 weeks so I want to get back down to a size 12 (now a 14) before I go. I am lucky though as I havent experienced any hair loss, just at well as my hair is quite thin anyway.
Hi How well you have done, Sandra just do what you have to do and try to relax its so difficult not to remain focused for such a long time and i guess re training is the long term answer and your in the right place to get the support and also your L.L cwill help as i am sure this happens to a lot of people .
good luck Simone
It's back! With a vengeance! Last week I got a zit, then a couple of nights ago I turned on True Movies and sobbed my way through the worst pile of sentimental clap trap ever to appear on film. I couldn't work out what was wrong with me and then the cardinal came a-knocking. Then it all made sense! That's been five and a half months. I have to say I'm kind of glad it's back though...:D

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