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healthy bmi range?



Gone fishing
Yes, it can vary according to opinion :rolleyes: Cambridge take it from BMI 20 to 25 as healthy


Gone fishing
ahh good i was wondering if it was to do with people of asian origin as im sure i read their healthy bmi levels are lower for some reason.
Ah yes. Can't remember what it is, but even for Cambridge, they 'allow' a lower BMI if the dieter is asian


Yeah...I forget. Something about Asians actually being built smaller...

I start to look weird at BMI 25. Mind you..might have been better and filled out in sensible places if I'd worked up the plans like I was supposed to!


Eat to live don't live to eat!
It makes me laugh actually, the 'healthy' bmi being 20-25, mine is currently 26.1 and I need to lose another 7lbs to get to 25, people keep telling me I need to stop losing weight as I'm skinny enough now and when I explain that I want to have a healthy bmi I get told that bmi is rubbish and I 'look healthy' so not to worry!

I think I'll stick with cambridge tho and get to my healthy bmi!!!

The range is there because we are all different - some are smaller build than others. I recall years ago we were called ecto- endo- and meso- morphs (basically small, med and larger build).

Does anyone else remember this, before the advent of the BMI?

I am aiming to get into the lower healthy range of BMI because it will give me more flexibility. If I get to 25 and stay there, there isn't much leeway for gaining that inevitable half stone, as I expect will happen, you know?

I think the unhealthy (less than 18.5 and over 25) is what we should focus on avoiding - anywhere between those is all good!

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