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Healthy fruits?

I'm doing Slimming World and there are super free fruits that speed up weight loss these include:
Yellow plums

There are loads more but these are the best to eat.
Thanks, that's really helpful!!! I feel a trip to the supermarket coming on!
I've been eating apples and satsumas...
oh dont get too obsessive about which fruits, they say at least 5 fruit and veg a day, as long as your eating any fruit rather than unhealthy snack food your bound to see a result :) I wasted quite a bit of time on the net about fruit and I do remember reading that grapefruit is good for weightloss but to be honest I dont care anymore, I just eat all fruit.
That sounds sensible :) cheers for your post :)
This is interesting as it seems to depend on where you live! I do weight watchers and live in France where ALL fruit are free except bananas and avocados. It's not the same in England - there was a recent thread about fruit "points" over on the WW forum showing that most fruits had points and I was fascinated to see this difference. Strange!
Hmmm that is odd...I'm just thinking now that any piece of fruit is better than a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar....


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I agree with Georgie and co... fruit is good! Fruit and veg are my personal heroes, really, I couldn't live without either of them.

I will say one tiny thing, though - you *can* overdo it if weight loss is your goal and you have a tendency (like me) to be a binger. I plateaued for a very long time and decided after a few months that I wanted to shift a bit more weight so I sat back and studied my diet. I'd been good, I thought, and it was a healthy diet. But I'd not really counted or measured all the fruit and veg I'd been eating. I decided to write down one day's consumption and after counting it up it was 950 calories! Just in fruit and vegetables! And that was in addition to the rest of the meals I was having. I'd allowed myself totally free rein and the binger in me had taken over and sanctioned it by saying 'oh, it's okay to binge on fruit and veg, they're kind of free!' And the thing is, it *is* okay if maintenance is your goal, because even on that stonking amount of fruit and veg I wasn't gaining any weight - but it had stalled my loss.

The thing is, I ate a load of large apples, pears and bananas and a small mountain of mixed veg every night. I've switched over now to strawberries, raspberries, peaches, passionfruit, apricots and blueberries as my main fruits, just because I feel you get more bang for your calorie buck. I still have my pound of broccoli a night, though - some things just cannot be sacrificed! :p

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