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Healthy Maintenance

Hi all

I'm basically curious about a few things.

I recently lost on ww but then began going overboard binging and purging and ended up with an eating disorder.

I think I'm over the worst but its taken out 9 months of my life and I'm now at a good weight.

I find ww good as I know points easily from nutritional info but don't want to be too obsessive.

What would anyone suggest?


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Cor! How did I miss this!

Personally I found temporarily counting calories and aiming for approx 55%carbs, 15%protein and 30% fat. And yes, that sounds obsessive, but basic healthy eating has a lot more fats than eating for a weight loss diet.

After I got to grips with that, I went for 'normal' eating. So, knowing what I needed for body/social/mental health but in moderation and keeping one eye on the scales so that if necessary, I could pull back a bit before it became too scary.

If you binge/purge or suchlike, I would really recommend not dieting, but just getting control of that with 'normal' eating.

That's what I reckon anyway, based on my own experience and history.

Thanks for the reply.

My problems are that firstly before I lost the weight (I was 12-13 stone, now I'm between 9,8 and 10,3), my eating wasn't exactly "normal" and so thinking of what "normal" is now is almost impossible as I only think I can eat in a regime such as points counting).

I also have trouble knowing how much I should eat as I do alot of activity some days (I cycle almost everywhere) but don't know how this should be added. Also eat small meals sporadically and my bowels are suffering as I often get bad wind and don't go often (this may be that I eat too little - being active but not counting activity points?)

I know I have psychological problems now as if I get close to what I'd expect points wise for a day I feel anxious and I do feel like its always a case of "you've got so many possible points left" (I have upped the points slightly from diet range). Fortunately recently I have managed to eat over without losing control and binging.

Another thing is that my bowels are now a bit problematic (bad smelling wind and infrequency of passing stools) though I don't know whether this is as I do alot of exercise (cycling) but don't add points and eat sporadically alot of the time (my meals are usually quite small).

Obviously I fear going back to the weight and "social outcast" status I felt.

Anyway, with the binging, I've fallen into traps of going a few days of very low points and at times also intense exercise but now I kind of feel I want my life back.

I mean I thought maintenance was like 4 points more, but thats not alot, and if I go out I kinda think I'll need saved points or something so that leads to lower intake again.

Anyway you see my issues - I've only just realised they're enormity the last week.

Also how many points would a "normal" diet come to?




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hey aaron,
just reading through what uve written and was thinking it might be a good idea to speak to a dietican who could give u the best possible advice that would be tailored to ur needs, as most of the diets on here are standardised to an extent. is only my opinion though and recognise what uve been through in past year and that a dietican may be last person u wanna see! just thought id mention it.
hope all goes well for u :)
Hi Delli

Thanks for the reply, yeh I have been considering that, not sure where to get hold and cost etc, kinda thinking a counsellor/dietician is what I need lol


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Hi Aaron, I have no similar experiences to draw on to advise you but I am maintaining at the moment so some of your posts are relevant to me too. My couple of tips would be:
Are you drinking enough water? Constipation can be due to lack of fluid intake - also increase fibre if not already done
Get a couple of books that can help put things into perspective - I've just read 'How thin people think' and 'Eating less: Say goodbye to overeating' which have helped get my head around it more
Trust the plan you're following (does WW have a capacity for adding on activity points? if so, add them on) These plans have been put together through a lot of research so go with them
Remember you are in this for the long haul - we get a bit fixated on 'weigh-in' days (even now I will not drink my recommended water intake on a check up weigh-in day for fear that it will make me heavier). A few pounds fluctuation is natural and the only time you need to act is if it turns into a gradual creep upwards. I've just been on hols and had a good (really good) Chinese meal while away as well as half board. I came back expecting to be a blimp but in fact I had only put on 4lbs and looked the same as I did when I went away (apart from a fuller belly) A few days of reducing calories by about 300 per day and it'll be gone - I did ask the question before I went about reducing to very low levels for a few days but was persuaded that a small reduction would be better as it's more in line with 'normal' eating- this made me realise that I should be thinking more along those lines and not think of being 'on' or 'off' the plan
sorry for long post, hope some of it is useful and good luck

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