heart murmur? contrandicated?


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Hey all, posted earlier saying i was having difficulty breathing so popped to doctors and he said i just have an infection nothing he can do - but he did find i have a heart murmur, had to have ecg and that confirmed it. :(

Anyways i read on cd webby that if your taking medications your contraindicated, but i presume i will be ok to carry on? Having more tests next week but for the moment dr doesnt seem to worried

Thanks all x
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Take good care of yourself and I hope everything is ok with the tests xxx


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I have a heart arrhythmia which was only found when I was in induced labour and I haven't any medication for as I had a load of tests and scan etc; but my GP was more than happy for me to do CD.

Good luck with the tests.


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Hi I have had a heart murmur since birth (pulmonary stenosis), I don't take any meds but have to have antibiotic cover for anaesthetics and for childbirth but am cleared as okay by my doctor to dothe diet.

I hope they soon get you sorted as to what it is - they told me that a heart murmur covers different faults (it's just the sound that the heart makes) and that the tests show which problem you have.

Hope this helps and good luck getting it all sorted out.