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Heart Rate


The Minis Bad Boy
So come on. What is everyones heart rate?

Place 2 fingers on your wrist until you find a beat. Then count the beats over 30 secs and double it.

Mine is 68. For a 24.5 stone lad thats not bad. But be the sport I do. When I lost the weight before on LL it dropped to 60.
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Mine is 70 Sully. Worth checking though and yours is really good. Are you exercising as well?


The Minis Bad Boy
70 is good for a girl. Though it depends on age. I do exercise yes. Squash mainly.
My last 2 checks with the nurse have shown mine to be 58 - was 70 when I started LL.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
between 54 and 60 ish usually , used to be super high xx
74 hmmm :eek:


Yeah yeah. I've had various ECG's, a 24 hour tape and an echocardiogram.

They thought I might be anxious...errr...but..in my sleep? So they have come to the conclusion that my heart is just a fast one. Has always been like that, even when I was a fit, skinny ballet girl.

Gotta love the human body.
Mines 70 :) hopefully thats ok haha!!
Took me ages to find it i was like 'i do have to have a pulse so where is it haha!!'


The Minis Bad Boy
Now i've sat down (was carrying stuff up stairs before I took it earlier) it is 63.

I cant wait until i lose the 9 stone I am after to see how low it goes!
Mine appears to be 56 - better than i expected
Just had it done at doctors blood pressure was 114/65 and heart rate 82 not sure what this means to be honest.

x x x sam x x x
Cool thanks coley.

x x x sam x x x


Gotta Make A Change
Mine is 52

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