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Its quite long but I think this may be the only place i can post this, i wont be telling my family for sure. Yesterday had a very stressful day child playing up big style. So today with the horrible weather decided to go to the ball pool place for him to let off steam. Anyhow 3 hours later had a fab time together i got some me time and he played like a nutter lol. After i decided to go to tesco just to pick up hubby a ready meal as hes working late tonight and didnt want the temptation of a takeaway. Nothing prepared me for that trip !!! Got to the frozen food aisle and there were 2 kids about 8 and 11 (girls) with their mum and dad. This is how it went
Girl 1 "quick quick pass the phone ive found one"
Mum "think your gonna be the winner shes huge"
Photo click sound
Girl 2 "Bloody hell sis shes so fat she doesnt fit on the screen"
at this point i spun my head round and all 4 of them burst out laughing
mum "i think she heard you haha, never mind your sure gonna win"
at this point i left the aisle but threw them a look to let them know id heard"

2 aisles later

mum " theres the sour faced fat ***** get another photo! her face is that fat it wont move to smile"

Again they all laughed

they proceded to follow me through tesco taking photos

i just wanted to get out and luckily they left before me but when i got to the checkout as i put my card in the machine i just burst into tears. Felt so stupid

Now im not daft i know they are horrible people and its a shame for the kids being brought up like that but im so upset. I cannot stop crying, ive locked my door and dont want to go through it again, i knew people could be cruel and some comments i can laugh off but i just cant put up with this
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hey sweets

i know how it feels to be publicly mocked for no reason other than your size, it really, really HURTS. you just have to remember that although you might not have the ideal number on a scale you're obviously a caring person with feelings. you can lose the weight, but bullies like that face a lifetime of unhappiness and quite rightly so. they probably get kicks out of putting other people down to boost their own fragile egos, but c'est la vie i suppose- always gonna get dick'eds any walk of life. just remember you're BETTER than them, in every way shape and form. xx
WHAT!?! Oh my lord what horrid horrid evil people. These people are not only teaching their children to act like that, but they're actually encouraging their children to behave like this? These things are the scum of the earth. i say things because they don't deserve to be called people.
What they were doing is harrassment and is disgraceful.
I can't put into words how sorry I am that you had to experience that sort of ignorance. I have to pull out the old saying, you will lose weight but these people will always be horrid ugly (on the inside) vile people.
I'm a great believer in karma, rest assured, one day it will come back to bite them in their backsides-which I'm sure weren't exactly stick thin anyway.


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aww sending lots of hugs hun xx What vile nasty people. Did you have ur child with you cos i would hjave complained to security that you suspected they were pedophiles and they were taking pics of your child and had them throw them out.

Or i'd have took the phone and when the police were called i would have had them look at the pics......it's no better than happy slapping in my eyes and they get into trouble for that.

It's disgusting how overweight people seem to have no rights whereas call someone a racist name and you could be sent to prison.....why can't they enforce the same.

You will lose weight hun and those people will always be ugly inside aswell as out and karma has a way of biting you in the ass who knows maybe one day they might loose a limb or be facially disfigured and know the hurt of walking down the street and been afraid of been verbally abused just because of how they look xxx

this link is similar BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Why are fat people abused?
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This post makes me so angry I actually want to hunt those people down. How DARE they treat you like that?
Hun please don't let this get you down. People like that are not even worth the time of day they are certainly not worth your tears. You are infinitely better than them. So what if you have a few extra pounds? You have more heart, dignity and deserve more respect than they ever will.
What goes around comes around. Hold your head high, come out of this stronger, and show the world you are worth so much more than those petty, pathetic people xx


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They are horrible people. It made me sick thinking about them! They really arent worth your time and effort.
You have lost 9lb and thats fantastic, you must keep going and dont let them get you down. Other people love you and thats important to remember! (((((big hugs)))))
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MrsLever, I'm so angry for you that I can't keep still.:mad::mad: I've a feeling from other posts I've seen from you that we live in the same town .... and if you were in your local Tesco, then I'm also in there nearly every day. Does it begin with A and end in N?
What horrible, horrible people. People like that shouldn't be parents, their kids will be just like them too, being raised like that.
I know nothing stops it hurting but you are a million times better in every way than people like that. And you can change your weight, but they will never be able to change their nasty, twisted, insensitive personalities.

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So I'm assuming this charming family were in our local Tesco then? Hmmm, think I'll be keeping an eye out for any repetition of such despicable behaviour, and speak my mind if I see any. Please please don't let them get you down - they are scummy people with no aim in life except to bum around the supermarket behaving like yobs :mad:
So I'm assuming this charming family were in our local Tesco then? Hmmm, think I'll be keeping an eye out for any repetition of such despicable behaviour, and speak my mind if I see any. Please please don't let them get you down - they are scummy people with no aim in life except to bum around the supermarket behaving like yobs :mad:
Yes hun im afraid they were, if i didnt have my son with me i may have opened my mouth and said something but they were just so vicious with their tone. I moved here when i met my husband and have always found people to be lovely which was shown by the number of people who stopped me from in tesco and all the way up to car bank just to ask if i was ok
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Absolutely disgraceful. I know you're hurting right now but try to keep your chin up, they're really not worth the pain x


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Urgh, I cannot believe that they did that. I'm livid!

I'm so so sorry you had to go through that. I can't believe there are people like that. They will never get anywhere in life, and they will never have any true friends. They will end up alone and regretting whereas you are a lovely person :)



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i am so shocked, i dont no what to say! some people can be so dis-respectful and hurtful. hold ur head up high u have done so good to lose 9lb already and u should be proud.
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Totally shocked and disgusted by this! To think the parents played a part in, shocking. Sending you a big hugs.. Please dont let this put you back but i realise this is easier said than done. xxx
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that was dis-graceful behavior,,out and out scum bags,,so sorry you had to go through that,,twats!!
Mrs Lever I cried for you reading this and even now as I type my head is shaking . Im truly sad that there are lowlifes out there raising children to be so cruel and I wish I was with you right now to have a cuppa with you and wipe away your tears. Please know we are ALL on here for the same reason and we all want to support each other cos as you have just proved it can be a horrible world out there to anyone overweight.Please dont give up or let it affect the wonderful success your already showing.
Hugs Maria x


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I couldn't believe what I was reading. I'm so sorry for you that you had to go through that. Although it's still not right for the kids to do that, kids can be cruel but for the parents to do that - words fail me. I know it's easier said than done but please don't let them upset you. Just read the lovely messages people have put on here. As many have said, you can change your weight, they can't do anything about their obnoxious personalities.