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heather trott!!


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:479: it's gonna be a who dunnit, or who dunner lol. who you thinks gonna be in the lineup i'm thinking.

~the bloke from the club they thought shirley hired
~max / jack lol (they've had everyone else lol)

I love Heather Trott my fave character ever in the world!!!

Haven't finished watching last nights yet, just about to watch it

MrsMe xXx
LOL!! If it was the bloke from the pub shirley hired she must be fairly far on (reminder to self its not real!!!)

Can't wait to see tonights, its absolutely gold!!

Oli xx


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Was she not chatted up by a mystery man in the pub who turned out not to be the one Shirley hired.

If memory serves me correctly did that episode not end with Heather back at the flat upset then she opened the door to someone but we never saw who. Mystery man back perhaps??

If that was the case that was Valentines Night so would maybe fit in

God I need to get out more :rolleyes:


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Ooh me ma told me this on phone last night, she said she's been reading it on teletext for ages. I've started sky-plussing 'enders so I can watch at leisure, not watching much tv these days strangely. I'd love to see heather with a babby, she'd be a great mum.
i dont know if this is true but i was told by 3 different people that it was phils, apparently when he was smashed one night but surely we would have known about this? lol


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Hmm but Phil didn't fall off the wagon til a week or two back...I think, it's hard to keep up with his drinking habits lol. Unless it was that time when he was standing in the kitchen in Shirley's dressing gown and Heather walked in...and saw 'everything'. he'd have to pretty fertile to impregnate from about six feet away though. ;) :D


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oh I reckon a bit of minty? that would put the cat amongst the pigeons.. she still looks longingly at him across the bar of the Vic


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~darren lol

no lie i got the 2 week soap mag these are the suspects!!!
If she is 9 weeks, she must have conceived beginning of Feb - oh my memory is pants! i think its def Phil's, how hillarious! I really hope she keeps it xx


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no wayyy ... when did this happen? I must have taken a big "missing that weeks enders."...Heather n Phil?? seriously??
I dont think itll be Phils, he was still on the wagon early Feb and I cant imagine it happening for either of them.

I think Minty, Garry or Billy are more likely. Hope its Minty, would be nice if it brought them back together again. They have potential to be a great couple. Eastenders could do with a few more happy couples in it, and theyd be fab for the comedy element too, the idea of them with a baby must have potential for numerous 'disasters'


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I think it's gonna be minty, after the awful ronnie/danielle climax, think the writers owe it to the viewers to do good on this one :D
Hmm well I have mon and tues night to see and may just do what i done last week and watch it all sunday. lmho @ darren being the dad! That time she had the asthma attack before being told she was pg, she has photos of her and minty in her handbag...i cant remember if it was him saw them or Janine?
I love her character too, but I hate the way they portray her as stupid cos she is overweight.
There are always comments made to her and it really irritates me.
No doubt when she starts to 'show' there will be more comments made too... I bet there will be.
It cant be Mintys surely.... sure they never did it..... I think Im right there.....
Was just thinking the past week or two, I wish they'd give Heather a make-over! A good haircut and that fringe outa her eyes and some lippy, she'd be gorge!:D
Lol i love heather! I was thinking it may have been the guy who she met while at the club when she had that yogurt lid lol and he found her crying in the toilets after they mixed the guys up but hmmm i dunno!

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