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HEAVY WEIGHTS- Number twos.

:DHello all, I have at least 200 lbs to get rid of and have just, successfully, finished my first week on SS+ on a delicate nature - any advice on the "number two" department, only been twice in a week but I don't feel that I want to either. As I am housebound I couldn't get weighed this week so it's going to have to be monthly which is disappointing, I would love to know if I have lost some.
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speak to your CDC about Fibre supplement that can go into your shakes ;) it's a common problem..

Well done for finding CD and for finding Minimins! :) you're in a great place with lots of support. :)

Look forward to reading your losses :) don't forget there are challenges that you can join (bit of fun) and teams etc ;)


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You won't 'go' as frequently whilst on CD but if you feel constipated then get some Fibre 69 from your CDC to help things along :)


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Firstly, well done you!! You've done the hardest bit, which is deciding to do CD and managing the first week. You will have lost a significant amount of weight - I weighed 18st and lost 11lb in my first week....
As our friends above have already said, things do slow down SIGNIFICANTLY in the pooing dept... Just make sure you are drinking at least your 2.5 litres per day. I drink 4, and it does help. Definitely get some of the approved CD fibre as it will sort you out.

DO keep at it. You will have plenty of support from so many of us on here. I find reading about others' losses and seeing pictures so motivating, and it certainly has got me this far... (3 weeks in, 19lb lost to date). A fair while for me to go, but I'm not stopping now.

You can do this.
It would be great if your counsellor could see you more often, or maybe get a friend to bring round some scales once a week so you can see your losses, and feel great about yourself.
You deserve to!
Best of luck, and keep at it.

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Chief Dragon - just seeing how you are doing today! It must be hard not go get weighed weekly but just think if you stick to it what a result you will be seeing on the scales monthly! :D I have heard that if you are going to weigh yourself that you should do it monthly as your weight fluctuates all the time and daily/weekly is too frequent!

And as the others said your intake of food as more then likely dramatically fallen on CD therefore you won't need to 'poo' as often, and it my case anyway sometimes it ain't worth bothering:8855::eek::eek::eek: Keep up drinking the water, I try to get in between 3 and 4 litres a day, even if it just for the exercise of getting up and down for the loo:D
Hi Rambler, well I'm going well on the diet if nothing else:) don't feel hungry which surprises me that's not to say I couldn't eat anything! I would love to weigh in weekly but until I can get behind the steering wheel and drive I just gotta hope its coming off. It has to doesn't it? I am trying to get more active but it's difficult when you have pain because i am REALLY heavy.... still I hope by June, my birthmonth, I will be driving. Thanks for your reply. You have done brill too.

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
S: 20st6lb C: 16st7lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 39.6 Loss: 3st13lb(19.23%)
It will be coming off! and you keep up the great work and you will behind that wheel in no time! (and maybe doing some walking:D)

You may be able to do some exercises at home from a sitting position that could get your heart rate up a little and help you start to tone from the inside, such sitting up straight in a chair and repetitively raising your legs off the ground (one at a time)...increasing the number you do over time.....you might have some tins of food in your house, and as long as you are not tempted to open them you could use them sitting down as weights for your arms....

Any increased activity will help, just take it slowly and build up your tolerances....and we are all here for you....it doesn't matter if people have 1 stone or 30 stone to lose we are all in the same boat.

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