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HEb rolls


I use warburtons wholemeal buns or morrisons soft wholemeal buns from the bread aisle not the bakery section.

As long as the are wholemeal and weigh 57g or less you can use any.


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It has to be said that 57g does not give you a large roll and most shop-bought ones will weigh more. This puts you in the position of whether or not to syn the excess. I believe that Tesco Healthy Eating rolls are exactly 57g.
Thanks a lot for that. I will write them down and have a look next time I'm out. I think it was Kingsmill I looked at but it didn't have a weight on the pack so I couldn't work out the weight of each one. I didn't want to buy them and then find out they were too much. Thanks for your help x


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Good suggestions already, but I have been known to take, say, a packet of 6 rolls to the bakery counter and ask the staff to weigh them on their digital scales. Or walk them over to a 'weigh your own veg here' digital scale. Yes, its a bit of a faff, but means you can buy something there and then - and just think of all the body magic as you trapse round the store!!
I've actually weighed rolls and cut a bit off to make them 57g.

However, I don't really bother with rolls as 57g is so small and a waste of an HEXB for me. I also don't bother with bread as it's too small a sandwich. The only time I have bread now is when instead of cereal for breakfast I have a cooked breakfast with toast.


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Tesco Healthy Living Wholemeal Rolls are a HEB each. They do look a bit small tho!! :sigh:
They are Oatbran and wholemeal, and I have to say, while they arent huge, they fit a homemade burger perfectly, and also have to say that when toasted, they have an almost muffin like texture and are devine!! :p

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