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Hi Ladies,

I don't post much but I do read all of yours every day and find you so motivating and helpful. The time has come that I need to post and beg for a kick up the behind!!

I stuck to this religiously, the last weigh in before my hols I was 0.5lb off my goal and I went on holiday at the beginning of October feeling so much better about myself :) 3 days in to 'all inclusive' mode I started to feel sluggish and bloated again, self confidence sliding rapidly. I don't help myself though, I continued my holiday even when back in this country, eating ice cream and pizza etc right up until weigh in on Monday.

So, weigh in on Monday and I gain 5lbs. Not the end of the world I guess but it is when I can't get back on track even though I feel bloated and awful! I start my days well and by the end its gone to pot. I don't ever want to go on holiday again and not go in the pool because I refuse to take my shorts off!!

I realise that this is a change of habits for life, not a diet - but I just can't seem to get my head around it at the moment. Ironic when I hate feeling this way yet still eat the bad foods that cause this feelings, where has my self control gone?!

Does anyone have any tips to how they get back on track after enjoying their favourite foods for 2 weeks?! Any ideas how to boost my loss again? I know the only person that can help me is me, but I just need a bit of fairydust motivation!!

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Planning, planning and more planning Hun.
Prepare ahead, think about the meals that you do like and how you can adapt them on the SW plan...Im pretty sure that you find you can somewhere along the line...thats why this plan is so easy.
Go back to basics...write everything down, have a look at the food diaries on here to give you some ideas.
Ok, so you gained 5lbs, but that will come back off again, but only you can do it.

Good luck Hun.

Ok take a deep breath and accept the 5lb gain and you know why, and you know how to get it off ...and more!! Have a look at some yummy reipes for autumn time its a great time for soups, stews, casseroles - as above plan your meals and be organised with what's in the cupboard. Have you tried exercise to speed up the process?a little can make a big difference, even a ten minute walk will lift your mood.
Good luck :) x
Hi skinny wannabe, haven't got any advice as such, just wanted to say I know EXACTLY how you feel-I could have written your post! I have recently "fell off the wagon" and am finding it very hard to get back on....The thing with me is, I do plan, eat free food all day, but in the evenings my self control goes out the window and I'm raiding the cupboards for the kids lunch box biccies etc. I just can't seem to help myself-it drives me crazy, especially when I want to lose weight so much.
Anyway, just wanted to say I sympathise with you and I know how hard it is. Why don't you put a photo of yourself when you felt at your best on your fridge or cupboard door, might make you think twice. Keep trying hun, and if you have a bad day just start afresh the next day.

Good luck x
I am just back from a holiday too. I gained 3lbs in a week (plus a few days before the holiday of a hen party too).

For me, the only way to approach it is to accept the gain, remember your holidays and what a good time you had and that the weight will come off again soon enough - usually within a week or two of nice, healthy SW eating.

I enjoyed my holiday...but as soon as I was home, I also looked forward to getting back on plan and eating healthy again. I knew that pizza, icecream, wine, cheese etc., is not how I should be eating long term, and whilst I enjoyed it, I am not going back to that full-time. So bring on the good stuff :D

Things to remember:
1. Your weight has only gone up 5lbs and this is unlikely to make much of a difference to your actual inches. It's not that much.
2. Within a couple of days of SW eating, your bloated feeling will go, because your body will eliminate all the stuff that's causing you to feel bloated.
3. Drink lots of water - that will help you feel fuller and banish bloating.
3. You're still only a few lbs from target...


I will succeed!!!
It's all been said above, but wanted to say not to get too down!

5lbs isn't too bad given your break, though it is gutting to gain so hugs to you.

Start today - draw line under it and get back to what you were doing pre-holiday. It came off once, it'll come off again!

As for feeling sluggish - I find that anything 'bad' makes me feel that way because my body isn't used to it anymore!

You'll get there honey - chin up xxxx
When I was feeling this way, I was cravign lots of sweet and "naughty" things and someone said to me "Sometimes you just need a big bowl of SWEET!" She gave me this idea. Big tub of vlf nat yogurt and sachet of sugar free jelly. Make up jelly to only half a pint and when cool whisk in the yoghurt and put in fridge to chill. Kind of makes a moussey thing. This makes a BIG bowl of sweet! Only 2 syns. Granted, it's not chocolate but its a lot and kills the sweet craving. I can never eat all of it.

Also its good to get out some old mags and do some recipes off it and read the stories. That always get me motivated.x
I'm convinced that there is a circular action with bad eating - it makes you feel physically sluggish, bloated and tired, which in turn makes you crave more junk to make yourself feel 'better'. Only you don't feel better, the vicious circle just continues and it becomes incredibly difficult to break out of, because you wake up every day feeling horrible and want a quick 'fix', usually of something fatty or sugary.

You just have to make the mental effort to snap out of the repetitive cycle and decide to feed your body healthy food today instead. After a couple of days you feel so much better, energised and happy, that it becomes easy to get back into the groove of good eating.

I don't know how many times I went through this cycle before it finally sunk in that bad food = bad feelings = more bad food, and that the opposite is true as well: good food = good feelings = more good food. :)
Thank you so much - all of you :) I don't know what I would do without this site and all of the helpful people, recipes, tips and ideas!
A line has now been drawn under the past few weeks - I have had a 100% day so far and have planned the rest of my 100% week.

Feeling better already - thanks for taking the time to give me a boost - I can do this and I WILL DO THIS!! xx
Yes you will!

i felt exactly the same as you at the beginning of the week, day started brilliantly' come evening Iwas like a human dustbin!!THEN I read a thread about sticking to plan 100%, something clicked back in my brain.Now I have 100% stickers on my fridge and biscuit cupboard .It just makes stop and think what I want most; to eat that biscuit or be thin? Seems to be working .Hope this helps. good luck
Thank you so much - all of you :) I don't know what I would do without this site and all of the helpful people, recipes, tips and ideas!
A line has now been drawn under the past few weeks - I have had a 100% day so far and have planned the rest of my 100% week.

Feeling better already - thanks for taking the time to give me a boost - I can do this and I WILL DO THIS!! xx
You go girl!!:talk017:


Mad old Bat with Attitude
You came on here and asked for help! GOOD GIRL! You have had loads of positive messages. That's what is SO good about this board! Now just apply what you've been told, and you will have a geat weightloss next week!

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