Helllooooo... is there anybody out there....


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Well I've been a bad girl this week, Santa will defo not be leaving me any gifts if I don't pull my finger out. Wondering if I should have refed rather than stick with the shakes and then eat copious amounts of high protein food (mainly cheese which means I'm probably consumed more calories this week than I normally do on Christmas week - avoiding this was the reason I decided to say on LT over Christmas). Not looking forward to WI on Saturday - but even if I've gained at least I don't have to get back into ketosis....

Hows everyone else doing keeping on track (losing, refeeding or maintaining) this week?

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Hi josiejojojo
I'm sure weigh in will be OK in the end.
I seem to have totally forgotten to have any shakes this month :-(
I will be getting back on the wagon in January for at least 6 weeks, totally 100% all the way.
Have a great Christmas
x x x


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Thanks hunny - you too. See you 100% in January :) xx