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Hello again...

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Eurgh, well and truley went off the rails and have piled on the weight again now, :cry:

I'm really struggling mentally with food at the moment I dont really know why but I just cannot deal with it all.

I really want to get back onto Exante but I feel so out of control in everything else in my life right now that I don't feel I have the strength to fight myself with food.

Although I know I can do the diet I just cant keep focused enough to get 100% through Day1 or something throws me off in the evening such as Poog wanting to eat or something.

My life is in such a mess and I know that taking control of my eating would really help me get back into control with the rest but I just feel like i'm at the bottom of a pit that I can't climb out of.

I even said to my OH that i'd thought about ending it all but i'm too worried about him and my uncles hurting themselves trying to carry my coffin! :break_diet:

I am on anti-d's at the moment but they dont really help.

I just need a good ole' boot up the backside I think.

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Aww hun! **hugs**. Its hard to get into the right frame of mind....ive been in the wrong one many many times and failed more times than id like to count. You need support, from OH and friends, you'll get there. And were always here when u need us :) xxx Were similar weights and goal weights, we can do this together. Get back on it, belive in yourself and know u can do it....and you'll do it. And if u need to vent or need a kick up the backside, i practically live here these days haha. chin up luv xxx
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I was just wondering if you have been on your anti d's for long as i'am sure you know it takes a while for them to kick in. I personally think that these vlcd can play with your emotions at the best of times let alone when your feeling fragile already. To state the obvious thats really not a good way to be thinking or feeling, maybe you should talk to your doc and they can help, not all anti d's suit a person (i know). I really hope you feel better, i started this diet with so much other crap going on in my life and am finding it so much harder to do. I really hope you feel better.x


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Hi Hun if the antiDsdont seem to be working it may be worth going back to your GP and seeing if there is something more suitable, I used to take citalopram and found it fantastic but not everyone suits the same.

Only you can be the judge of whether or not you are in the right place to do this but like you say it might help to have control of something in your life so may be worth giving it a go :)

Also have you tried taking either St John's wort or a vitamin B complex they are both natural antiDs?
I take a vitamin B complex everyday and it is really helping- just a month ago I felt like I was gonna end up on citalopram again but now I feel so much better so may be worth a try?

Good luck in whatever you decide and remember this forum is great if you need to vent x


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Hi there you do not need a boot up the backside you need a great big hug:hug99:. Sometimes life just gets a little bit too much and if we can make even one thing simpler then that would be moving in the right direction. The thing you can make simpler is food. You know that you can take control of that because you did before, so if I were you I would start with that. Anyway there are a number of us on here that will be eternally grateful to you for starting the..........last person to post thread. Now you can join in with us again. Help is always perminantly on tap here so come back and join us. XX


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I'm too on the dreaded anti dp's, please please go back to the dr's if they are not helping, its not a weakness but infact a strength that you can recognise and do something about it, you might just need an adjustment of dosage. Just 1 question, you haven't stopped taking them on your own have you? This can make you worse. You are not a failure as you are taking action and not shoving your head in the sand, once you start losing you will feel soo much better.

Hugs hun xxx
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its you, its you, its you. wow. been wondering where you are. the last person to post thread is great. in fact now your here i am going to give you some rep for it.
we are all here for you honey.
S: 20st2lb C: 20st2lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks :)

im on 40mg of citalopram already been on them for a month or so now, they've definatly kicked in, I am not quite so "i must kill myself right now" episode-y.

PND sucks!!!!

I will go back and speak to GP again soon and i'm going to start Exante tomorrow as everyone is out of the house so I can just be a pity party lol.

Really need to sort my head out, im wondering if i've got something actually wrong in my brain. I keep almost falling asleep for no reason and my memory is absolutley terrible now!

Hope to catch up with you all properly soon xx


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Nothing wrong at all that's a sign of the dreaded D - 1 month isn't that long the Dr told me that it might be abit longer to kick into.

I think once you start talking and losing weight it will make you alot more positive, i feel better than I have for months / if not years.

If you need someone to just sound out then you can always email me on [email protected], I don;t know about you but I have over time pushed everyone who was close to me away so I find it hard to talk to anyone

Good luck and it's one step at a time

S: 20st2lb C: 20st2lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone so far so good today, im ruddy hungry! but can't stomach a shake yet. I'm starting to shake so have cracked out a coke zero.

Poog is at home poorly today so I am trying to look after him too, little sod had a bagel a little while ago so I just really want to eat!

On a positive note though, I am hopefully getting a tiny little border collie today!! She is loooovely! So I feel alot more perky. Can't wait untill she can go outside and she can do the couch to 5k training schedule with me.

I'm doing the race for life this year and hopefully she'll be able to run it with me!

Hope your all doing ok today, Hopefully I will be able to honk later xx


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Aww to the doggie. Youre braver than me doing the race for life. Im so exercise phobic these days its noones business, lol.

Damn MrP for the bagel. How is he doing these days anyway?

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