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    Hi all fellow Lipotrimmers

    Just been to my local chemist, picked up the leaflets, my pot to pee in, my weight card (although i think her scales are duff as they are weighing about 8lbs more than mine are at home) and i am psyching myself up to start Lipo on Friday.

    I have done WW, SS, RC, Slimfast, Xenical and failed at each one. Have tried for WLS but getting frustrated since its over 10 months since i was referred and have yet to see a consultant. I am 35 and dont want to get to the dodgy age where I am a heartattack waiting to happen. Have 3 gorgeous kids who need their mum around.

    I am sure I am going to have tears and tantrums but after seeing the sucess stories on here and the support you guys offer, just kick me up the bum if I whine.

    I am going to use this as a diary to look back in 7 months time, when I am slipping into a slinky dress and shout hey guess what, i finally friggin did it.

    Told the hubby he better start saving as once the weight comes off and i maintain he is going to buy me new boobs and a tummy tuck lol

    Hope all your weigh in's this week have been fabulous and hope to catch up with you all during the course of my journey.

    Take care
    Donna :):sign0144:
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    Lipotrim Re-feed (from Wed 30th Sept 09)
    Congratulations for picking a worth while diet. I have also tried all the diet remedies you have, and more!! I had a referral for a gastric badn/bypass from my dr last year, and still not heard anything, and like you I have children who need their mum. I am at the 30 mark next year, and have spent the last 10 years miserable with my weight, I dont want to spend the next 10 years like that!!

    This forum is great for support, and we are all the same journey and here is the place where everyone understands and shares what u are going through. The very best of luck for friday.
  4. GirlyChick

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    Hi Donna and welcome. You have made the right choice. You will have your ups and downs but keep coming on here regular cos the support really does make a difference. Good luck x
  5. Caterpillergirl

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    Hi and welcome you will def do well just drink loads of water mix shakes with crushed ice if you don't mind them too cold and be strong over the first few days.
    I'm on week 3 now and am feeling great.
    Good luck and keep posting :):)
  6. tottyscotty

    tottyscotty Member

    welcome to lipotrim and this forum.. yes its great to log onto and have so many supporters xxxx like yu i have tried everything and i dont have will power.. until now.. im on my 2nd week and have lost 13lbs in 8 days... i was very shocked...stick at it girl and be who yu want to be .. for yu xx
  7. JanD

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    Hiya Donna and welcome!!
    You'll be amazed at how quickly the weeks start to fly by once you get the first couple under your belt. And the losses really spur you on and make up for any discomfort you might experience.

    It doesn't matter if the scales don't say the same - it's the loss that's important!

    And please don't think in terms of having 'failed' in the past. What you've really done is identified methods which didn't work for you - nothing wrong with that!

    Let us know how you go on! x
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