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Hello, anyone remember me


The Diet Guy
Hiya BB

Of course we remember you!! Well done on only putting back on a stone and you can lose that in no time if you want to.

I personally would recommend you do Cambridge 790 to trim it off as it is much easier the 2nd time round than SS and will give similar results in a similar time frame.

Anyway welcome back

Hi BB!
I remember you and your amazing achievement very well. I fell off the wagon big time in February and have regained 3st - gutted!

I'm having yet another go on CD: some people may find restarting easy - I've found it very difficult but need to lose this weight pretty quickly (hardly any of my clothes fit!)

Good luck with your restart, if that's what you choose to do.


Silver Member
Thanks I have emailed my counsellor I think that may be my best option.
Forget to say I still need to lose roughly 5 stone maybe more though.
I want to lose as much as possible by when I go to disneyworld florida on November the 29th as I know I will definitley eat there.


The Diet Guy
What a target! I used Florida as my target when losing weight and just concentrated to hard on the holiday that the weight loss was merely something I had to before I went (a bit like packing and saving up!) and that I had no choice but to lose the weight so might as well just get on with it.

Between now and November you would be virtually at goal weight if not at goal if you drink the old water and just concentrate on getting on Space Mountain with room to spare!

Go for it!



Silver Member
Thanks I will just wait to hear from the counsellor now and keep coming to these boards.
I won't be doing it for space mountain as I don't like roller coasters but last time I went in Feb last year before I started losing weight I was big as piglet and this year I want to be as small or roughly there as one of the princesses.
I can't wait to get started again to be honest.
I feel I just need to get going.


Gold Member
I lost about 5stone 5lbs on the CD last year.
I have put on roughly a stone since them but am trying to think of whether I can get back on the Cd to lose the rest.
Has anyone stopped the diet and got back on it.
How did you do it?
Hey - course we remember you !!! :)

well done on only putting back a stone - that's fab !!

look forward to hearing your success !


Debz xx


Silver Member
Thanks everyone for being so friendly.
I guess putting a stone on isn't so bad and at least I will know I can roughly maintain once I have finished CD
Hiya Hun, welcome back, Ive put 8lbs on so I know how you feel, Im not restarting CD ........... yet, just seeing how it goes.

Good to see ya x
Hi, I remember you too, we must have stopped CD round about the same time. I put 9lbs back on and am now doing JUDDD to get down to goal weight. Well done for getting back on top of the situation quickly, you can be there by the end of November easily if you start now.


Silver Member
What is JUDD?
I did try to keep losing on WW/SW all sorts but I can't seem to stick to them.
I think I could use them to maintain once at goal weight but the weight does not come off quickly enough for me on those diets and I get de motivated


Finally...Life begins
Welcome back! A stone is pretty good, when we all know how easy it is to put back on. Well done for starting again!!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Hi Lisa and all credit to you for getting back on board :D:D:D

Just keep that fantastic holiday in mind and you will be where you want to be in no time :)

Come over and see some of us on the fallen angels thread if you like. We'd love to see you :):):)



Ancient Egypt Nut!
I will come over right now I will need every assistance trust me
We'll be very glad to see you hun. It really has helped me refocus....:)

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