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Hello everybody!

Wow it's so quiet on here! where is everybody? :confused:

I started the low carb diet about a week ago and have lost 4 lbs so far :). I started of by reading The Schwarzbein Principle which is basically about cutting out sugar, reducing carbs and making everything from scratch, her recipe book is amazing! (my fav is creamy mushroom soup Mmmm). You can still eat a little bread, rice and potato on her diet but I found that I didn't lose any weight so have cut out sugar/bread/pasta/grains/cold cereal/potatoes completely. So far so good :) but I'm sure I'm making lot's of mistakes LOL! I "know" my calories and have done the whole Slimming World thing many times but it never works long term, so I am hoping that eating low carb food will be the diet for me :D

Anyway just wanted to say hello to everybody and hope to start posting on here regularly :)

Love Sarah x

P.S would love to have a fellow low carb diet buddy :D
P.P.S why can't I upload a picture of myself?
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Hi Sarah,

welcome to low carbing. This forum isn't as busy as some of the others, the Atkins one is and I don't think people would object to you posting in that forum if you wanted to love.

As to posting pics, you don't yet have the privileges, They increase the more posts you make, I think you need to have 25 posts before you can upload pics.
Hi Jim :)
I think I'm doing okay, have been in many situations where I would have stuffed my face before but resisted this time (which has really shocked my friends! hehe) I will find out on Monday if I have lost any weight, got a feeling I am eating far too many carbs though, still waiting for my carb counting book to arrive ;) have also had a pounding headache for the last two days, not sure if that's to do with the weather or the diet :confused:
Anyways, hope you've had a good day :)
hey there if you want a diet buddy I'll be happy to be your diet buddy. Low Carbing has worked wonders for me. I'm now in the process of moving over to a maintence plan since I have less than 20 pounds to lose..

Ive heard a lot about Slimming World, what is that?


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hey there :)

welcome and good luck. the pounding headache is probably your body switching to fat-burning, so it sounds like you are doing well :)

abz xx

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Hi, and welcome. I'm low carb rather than atkins so we can all help - check out the atkins forum too, though as there are loads of helpful threads and stickys.

As Abz said, headache is good, means it's working. make sure you up your water, this should help the headache and your weight loss.

Most low carb diets say you should expect to feel a bit flu-ey at some point in the first week as your body is adjusting but after that you should feel fab.

Does your WOE advise you of any vitamins to take?
India and Neris' Diet

Hi there ! I have just recently joined MiniMums and have finally found the low carbers (Hurray !) I am doing India and Neris' diet and am enjoying it - I did have a dreadful headache for 2 days but I think this was due to giving up caffeine. I do think my body had a major revolt against drinking nearly 4 litres of water a day though, I thought I had a stomach bug on day 4 could'nt get off the loo and (sorry about this) but was just pooing water ! Terrible stomach ache spent 2 days in bed. Didn't think anything of it until exactly a week later (to the day) the same thing happened again !. Have cut down my water consumption to just over 2 litres a day. I am just waiting to see what this Thursday brings. On a more pleasant note for all you low carbers, have you tried cauliflower mash, if you are missing potatoes, fabulous with butter and cream and you can barely tell the difference !

Good luck everyone, Onwards and downwards !
Welcome Jando you know I've heard that a stomach bug/flu was going around so maybe you have a bug or something. For the past 3 days my stomach has been really funny: diarrhea, sweating and etc.. my partner said maybe it was from coming back to Europe from the states but I think maybe I picked something up along the way..

Hope you are feeling better.. You'll have to get use to the water. I drink water all day long in general so my body is used to like 8 liters of water a day. I dont drink coffee and ocassionally a a green tea but mostly water. Even before I starting low carbing I didnt like sofa drinks and etc..
Thank you lovely ladies for your warm welcome and support !
Apart from the "odd tum" scenario I am really into this diet - it is so easy to follow even my husband is enjoying all of the recipes - he made a special request for the sausage muffins this morning !
I haven't lost any weight this week nor any inches, according to the tape measure, but I do feel so much better and thinner so I am absolutely determined to stick to this. I have a "do" on the 19th Sept. I would so love not to be stood in front of my wardrobe desperately trying to find something to wear and wishing I did'nt have to go. Long term I would like to get out of BLACK - I wear a "uniform" everyday black teeshirt/black trousers my wardrobe is just one big pile of black ! And not expensive black stuff 'cos of course I don't bother going into shops that sell decent stuff, it is too depressing !
Hah just reminded myself why I am going to keep going !
You are most welcome Jando. This forum is great. It has help me a lot on my weight loss journey.

Dont worry about this week if the scale stalls it will move again thats for sure.. the sausage muffins sounds nice where did you find that receipe?

I understand about wearing all black. I actually like black but I need to update my closet and get some more clothes myself..

Clothes are definitely are great motivation to lose weight and most of all feeling good :D
Hi Morenachica, Thanks for the support !
The muffin recipe is from India & Neris' book. I am an Atkins fan but have recently been introduces to I&N by a (slim) friend and find them a bit more "British" in their recipe and food suggestions ie: Faux Shepherds Pie and Sausage & Mash (cauliflower) with onion gravy etc... All delicious no need to cook seperate meals for the rest of the family, also nice for when the weather gets cooler and you want something "comforting" for supper.
Anyway this is their take on savoury muffins: 6 sausages, groundnut oil(I use Olive) 4 eggs, 40ml double cream, 40ml water, sea salt, grated cheddar.

Grease a Muffin Tray (9 holes) Preheat oven to 180/gas 4.

Remove sausages from their skin and fry until brown. Divide the meat between the muffin holes.
Whisk together eggs,cream,water & salt. Pour over sausage mixture and top with cheese.
Bake for 20mins until golden and fluffy.

You can do this with bacon or anything you fancy really !

Enjoy !
Morning all,

Hi Jando and welcome to low carbing. :)
Hi Jim, Thanks for the welcome ! I can see from your profile how fantastically well you have done on Atkins, very inspirational ! If you don't mind me asking, were you losing lbs every week ? I have been very good sticking to this diet (first time ever not cheating) I haven't even licked a spoon ! but I have not lost any weight for the last week or so...I am not going to give in but I just wondered whether this is normal ? I started walking (yesterday) I am trying to do 10,000 steps a day so I am hoping this will help. Any tips you can offer will be most gratefully received.
I lost most weeks jando, you do get occasional stalls I had one that lasted 3 weeks, but I found after looking at what I was eating, that I'd got lazy counting my carbs.
jando thanks for the receipe. made them today and they were delicious...

also i agree with jim, some people stall from different things: citrus and cheese tens to be a big stall for most people.. also the low carb bars..

the scale will move that's for sure.. jim is our pro and celebrity here in this forum. hehas given great advice and is a great inspiration to me and others..

good luck and you will do it :)
Well its true Jim. You definitely inspire me. If you can do it and have kept the weight off, there is no reason why I cant do it :D

You are the man :worthy:

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