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Hello everyone! Im back!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Hey everyone!!

Ive just got home from leeds about 30 minutes ago and thought I would come on and let use all know how we got on!

Well I had a great time! And Adam says he did too :) lol but you will have to speak to him about that!

Really gutted to be home to be honest!!

Heres some pictures, I forgot my camera so we didnt take that many!

And Adam has totally fattened me up! So think ill be back on LT this weekend!! lol xx
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Welcome back Chelcie - sounds like you 2 had a fab time!!! :D
awww you two look fab together. glad you had a great time :D


I will be skinny again!!!
The ones of us in the big clothes is us trying on Adams fat clothes lol!!

And the one of me in the hat is my impression of adam, lol I think I pulled it off :)



I will be skinny again!!!
Thanks guys! Yup I had an amazng time!! Gutted to be home though :(


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You look so cute together - this is adorable!!! :D



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Awwwww :D

Ladies & gentlemen.... we have a winner ! Two of em in fact :D

Great pics !

I luff luff ! :D


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Hi Chelly,
welcome back, good to see the two of you clicked off line as well. Glad you had a great time. Wishing you all the best.


I will be skinny again!!!
Thanks everyone!!

Its amazing like!! couldnt believe we got on so well

We were like nervous for the first 30 mins and after that it felt like we had known each other for years!!
Ah, what a lovely couple you look like, I'm so pleased to hear you got on so well.



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Chelly and Adam up a tree.....K I S S I N G :)!!! ahah...we sang that as kids.

Oh Chelly! I am so happy....you both look as pleased as punch.
So, come on Adam,,,,,,we want to hear from you now :)

Do we need to buy hats ;-)

Another date arranged? Is he coming over to you? Are you coming back? Oh, being so nosey! But dying to know.



Motivated by you lot!
It's fantastic that it worked out so well and you both had a great time, all the best for the future. You really do make a good looking couple - love the pics too.

good stuff!! xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Thanks everyone!!

Lol Iris, Adams internet isnt working at home so he can only get online when hes not busy in work but its been busy for him lately so dont know when he will be online!!

There isnt another date arranged yet but there definatly will be!! :) xxxx
Awwwwwwh i'm so freaking excited.
The pics are amazing.
You guys are gorgeous and look stunning together.
I'm glad you had a fantastic time together.

Cute photos!! :D

You both look like u had a fabtastic time :D

Good Luck for the future!!

LiSe Xxx

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