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Hello everyone... My grand plan ?????

HI everyone love to know how you're finding this diet.
At the moment I'm doing Atkins but from what I have read about this diet it seems more sustainable in the long term.
So my plan is to continue with Atkins until I'm almost at my goal and then switch to this plan for the last few pounds and then to maintain my weight.
Please let me know what you think I'd really appreciate your opinions
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Hi Piggy.

I moved over from atkins last Monday to Dukan.
I think atkins is still sustainable on maintenance as you still low carb, but if you know you are going out for a slap up meal you do induction again for couple of days prior/after.
I know after phase 3 on here you can eat what you like but must do protein only day once a week.
Can I ask why you want to change to dukan instead of atkins near goal weight? Is it cos you cant cope with the fat?


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Hello there piggy (I'm the pig around here - see my avatar!!)...

Having never done Atkins myself, I can't really help until you make the switch because I'm unaware of the differences. When you switch, you might well regain a pound or two, or not lose initially, because Dukan includes more carbs than Atkins I think (with the oatbran).

Anyway the other girls can help more with the first part of your question. At target weight, you'd move onto Phase 3 Dukan, but you'd need to understand the principles of the previous phases as the same way of eating is used in Phase 3 plus extras...

So whenever you fancy, let us know and meanwhile feel free to join in!
Yes the fat is an issue, but also I find it such a pain having to cook different meals for everyone in my family.
I have done atkins before lost loads of weight but found doing maintenance impossible to do long term as the carbs tend to creep up and I end up gaining again.
I need to be able to eat normally most of the time the one protein day is something that I think I could commit to, if it works. I have about another 18lbs to lose so thought I should start thinking long term.


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The one protein day is in phase 4... once you've Consolidated your weight loss (phase 3). Phase 3 is still pretty restrictive. You're at target weight, but the floodgates are not yet opened, but you are allowed certain things gradually. Phase 3 lasts (at least) five days per pound lost, and I'd recommend doubling that if your weight isn't stable at the end of that (mine wasn't...).

Far too many people use Dukan in France, as some do Atkins also no doubt, for the "quick" weight losss, but don't take it right to the end to stabilise properly... It's not easy, that's for sure, but from what you're saying above, stabilising after Atkins isn't easy either unless one's prepared to eat differently still...

I actually do Dukan cooking the same food for my other half, and he'll add in something or other... no need for separate meals as the food is being cooked healthily and he can have potatoes/rice/bread without it bothering me (too much most days!!).


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Piggy why dont you get the book and have a look. Yes the 3rd phase you have to do for 5 days for every lb lost dont you Joanne?


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Yes phase 3 is 10 days per kilo or 5 days per pound... but we have noticed that for, say, small losses but lost over a lengthy time, it's not sufficient... Between February and April, I "lost" 2K (because I had two binge days!)... so after three months without carbs (except 2 x binges!), I only had 3 weeks of reintroduction which was never going to be enough...

and for large losses, perhaps overly lengthy... on the French site I frequent, one girl is heading for almost a year's consolidation. She's game for it but is looking at it as a "rest of life" thing rather than a "diet"...

I think that phase 3 is pretty much "real life" for most "normal never needed to diet" people, and so that's pretty much where I think I'll end up. With the odd short "holiday"!


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I think for us "carb intolerant" (albeit psychologically!) people, keeping the levels down is always going to be in a our best (weight) interest!

what do you guys think?

Is Atkins/Dukan always going to be a quick fix for you or do you think you can work through a consolidation then stabilisation process and never again have to "diet" as such?


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Lol, yes 2 celebration meals per week instead of mine which was every meal!!!!!
The uk website says ill be finished consolidation on 31/12/10 which is good for me LOL
I ordered it today looking forward to reading it. hope that it'll be what I looking for. definitely would be in for the long haul if it means I'll be able to have control over my weight again.


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Absolutely piggy... I hear you.

Being "in control" again is such a fabulous feeling... it (almost) beats losing weight...

Only every meal Longratia? I can beat that by snacking in between each and every also (while on holiday in the UK for instance!!). ("What do you do on holiday?" "I eat"!)


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I've just remembered I've a dental check up tonight (booooo!!)... I could always ask re jaw wiring... ;)


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oh booo. Hate the dentists, mind one smell of my pongy breath today and he would soon smell me home :(
jaw wiring..mmmmm I would find a way to break it :D


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Hey Piggy. I followed atkins before coming over here and didnt have a break. My loss in 1wk was 1lb. I would also say you need to get the phases into your head as forgive me if im wrong but it sounds like you want to be able to cook for the whole family the same thing? I would say this is possible on both as long as you have the will power to not have all the trimmings. Atkins is more versitile from the start and Dukan you are only allowed certain protien for the first few days. I have since chosen to not continue with this as it really hasnt worked for me (read my diary). Good luck with whatever you choose but take this from personal experience, do not swap as you think you will be able to lose your last "few" lbs quickly and easily. I didnt! I hope i havent put you off but think from what you have said you need to read the diet properly and hear a few stories brfore you start. Again, good luck.


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Furious cos after psyching myself up to see the dentist, and charging there to be on time for my 6.30pm appointment, found two people there waiting (ok some poor lad had bad toothache and had been put through first...) but then, when we compared appointment times, two of us had the same time. I checked with the dentist when she came out to take her next patient, and she had me down for 7.30pm! No way josé was I going to sit there in her stuffy waiting room a further hour most likely, so I left...

Now I need another appointment and need to go through the whole hype again! grrr!
Hi Piggy, I too came from Atkins like Cheryl and Vicky. We absconded together :) I had a blowout on the weekend before starting Dukan though whereas Cheryl didn't and so I did lose on the attack phase. I put about a pound on from leaving Atkins to starting Dukan and lost 6lbs in my first week - everyone is different and I really think there is a diet for everybody. I don't feel that this diet is as versatile as Atkins, I seemed to have a lot more freedom on there but so far this has worked better for me. Read the book and see what you think, you can always go back to Atkins if you decide it's not for you :)

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