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Hello everyone

I've just come back from the States after a very productive, yet exhausting week finding a home with H for us to live in once we settle out there in a few weeks time.

Needless to say after eating out every day my weight has gone up, and with the weight I've put on since reaching goal, I've now decided that I'm going back on packs until I leave the UK.

I'm not sure when exactly I'll be going - it was originally the 11th June, but after leaving H out there and not being able to see him for the next 3 weeks until he is home again for the house pack-up, I may go back with him on 20th May. Being separated is very, very hard (waving goodbye at the airport was heartbreaking) but I have to say reading Mag's tragic news, it's brought our short time apart really into perspective.

Either way, I've got a good 4/5 weeks to lose a decent amount of weight.

Wish me luck as I know the first week is the toughie, and I've not managed to get past a week since reaching goal in September 2005! :sigh:

Mandana x
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Hey Mandana,

Nice to see you hun :D . Sorry to hear that you too have gained :(

Just think how gorgeous you will be by the time you get out there to live and you'll soon get back on track again. :superwoman: x

Well the scales are down - woohoo! Day one is over and day 2 is starting with a black coffee.

Don't feel too bad apart from a slight headache.

Managed to sleep for 12 hours last night which sounds a lot, but considering I was awake for a day and a half with the travelling and time differences, was just catch-up.

Wish me luck for day 2!

Mandana x
Thanks Cheryl .. I just wish I'd managed to stick at goal like you have! How on earth did you do it? Totally fantastic achievement! :superwoman:

I just love the good life too much and eating out! :whistle:

There must be a compromise in there somewhere!

Mandana x


One Last Time.......
S: 20st1lb C: 15st9lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st6lb(22.06%)
Hey Mandana!!!

Welcome back to blighty if only for a short while!!

Day 1 for me today, although managed to lose weight whilst on hols last week!!!
:wavey: Rachel!

Well we started together back in 2004, so this is perfect - starting our re-start together too!

Well done on losing on holiday - massive achievement!

And good luck for Day 1. Day 2 this end .. :crazy:

Mandana x


One Last Time.......
S: 20st1lb C: 15st9lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st6lb(22.06%)
If you hover next to the thread before going into it and click you should be able to edit!!

How quick has the time gone!! 2004 blimey!!!

Think we should try and have a final coffee and water before you go !!!
Hover next to the thread?! It didn't work for me! Where do I hover? I'm on a Mac, so does that make a difference?

Sonkie, yep we found a lovely house - can't wait to get over there now! It's got a pool which is lovely .. trying to post a pic but it won't let me!


One Last Time.......
S: 20st1lb C: 15st9lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st6lb(22.06%)
well have to see who else is around from the old mob!!!!

let me know when good for you and i'll rally the troops!
If you go into the forum where you first posted, find the title and click next to it, the title should then appear in a box then and you can click on it and change or edit it. (I am not sure if you have to double click, but with a little bit of clicking around it I am sure you will master it - lol).

Keeping the weight off is an uphill struggle, but I try to be sensible and rein it in if I go up a few pounds. Been bloody hard, but been around this weight for 14months now, so must be doing something right.

Keep going, you can do it hun!
Argh, day 2 almost over but I'm not in ketosis yet, so feeling the hunger pangs! :ignore:

Rach, will let you know when is good - not that many Saturdays left though! Perhaps 28th April? Where were you thinking of meeting up?

Cheryl, I can't make the hover thing work. It's probably my Mac which is causing the problems. If I get chance later I'll try on the laptop which uses Windows.

Still in awe of you staying at goal. Maybe I should live in your house - I'd have more chance of fighting the old CB that way! :devilangel:

Mandana x
Hey Mandana!!!

Long time no "speak"!!! Good to see you!!! I have left a few replies on your threads at the "chit chat" section... don't know if you've seen them.

How are things with you? How are you getting on with your restart? How much have you picked up since getting to goal? I am sure it is only a few lbs - not like me! I have picked up all the weight + more since my successful 4 Stone loss way back when! Like you, I enjoy the good life, eating and drinking everything in sight (too much wine & beer! Eek)! I managed to get back on track on 1 March and stayed on track until 25 March when I fell ill with a tummy bug and a horrid cold/chest infection. Now here I am 3 weeks later and I think I must have picked up all I lost then! Oh well, onwards and downwards. I really need to loose weight in time for summer to look good in "skimpy" clothes (repeat to self every 10 mins!).

I see you are moving to the States! Is that Hubby's job or a life change?

Anyway Hon! I hope you are doing well!

Lots of love
Char xxx
Hey Chardonnay, good to hear from you!

I must have missed your posts on chit-chat - will take a look and try and catch up.

Yep, we're moving to Houston next month with H's job. In fact, it was his first day today and he's like a new kid in a new school - doesn't know where the pencils are kept!! :giggle:

He's been busy setting up his computer, phone, fax, cell - you name it, all the gadgetry! And he's found the restaurant apparently! Obviously has his priorities right!

Sorry to hear you too have put on weight. It's all too bloody easy to let the old habits kick in. I'm too ashamed to tell you how much I've put on - lets just say it's more than a few :airquote: pounds :eek:

I've been really busy today so managed to keep well on track, but having to pop to the loo every 30 minutes or so is frustrating. At least I know the programme is working! Day 3 for me tomorrow and hopefully ketosis will soon be knocking on the door. Fingers crossed eh!

We'll have to keep each other on track .. the more the merrier!

Ok, time for bed for me. As my body is still 6 hours behind I think I'll need some help by means of drugs - totally herbal mind!

Talk soon

Mandana x

It was only a couple of misc messages you had placed, like on your smilies message etc.

OMG - Can't believe you are moving away! Are you all excited? Does this mean he won't be travelling so much? Is he working in an office over there?

At least he has his priorities right! What kind of restaurant is it? Mmmm... sounds good... fooood! Ha ha!

I would not worry about the weight you picked up! You have lost it all before and you definately can loose the odd pound or two - you know you have the motivation to do so!

I am feeling hungry today, but hopefully, like you, Day 3 tomorrow and hopefully ketosis will have kicked in.

The loo breaks are very annoying arn't they... I am so busy at the moment and I have to keep holding it...

Would be great if we can keep each other on track. We done so well before! Can you believe it was 2004 and I have been trying to get back on the "waggon" since Feb 2005. Urgh, really need to do it this time - how many times have a said that I wonder!

Thing is, I don't know if you find it, but when I am eating normally I don't come on here... I just hide away and ignore everything about this diet!

Hope you have had a good "drug induced" ;) sleep!

Char xx

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