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Hello everyone


Going for it.
I'm waiting for my bumper pack of Exante thingies to arrive and tomorrow I will be joining you all on your journey to Slimsville.

Can I just say a massive thank you to people like Quak and Miss Demeanour and many others who, albeit unwittingly, have helped me make this decision. Reading people's blogs and the threads giving advice has been a huge help to me. I'm really grateful to anyone who has contributed to this forum as I've been lurking for the past week now and have learned so much.

I've been over on the Slimming World forum since November last year, writing a diary of my time on SW and never in a million years did I think I would ever do a VLCD. But the science behind it has convinced me. I've lost about 20lbs on SW and I like the diet generally, but the time has come for something different. I'm a veteran of low carbing so know the wonders of being in ketosis. That's what I'm looking forward to more than anything.

I'll stop rambling now - forgive me, I'm dreadful for rambling! - but I'll be back. And also reading all your experiences avidly. I can see there are lots of people starting around this time so hopefully we can all support each other.
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Good luck Sorus, and any other Newbies I may have missed.
I am still here, still exante'ing like mad ;D

total except for the add a meal week which works really well for me every 4 weeks (and the odd half a bar extra on a night)


taking it 1 day at a time
Good luck Sorus
Good luck Sorus, and Maggie - just noticed you're almost at target, well done!
Welcome and the very best of luck. :D


Going for it.
Thank you so much for the welcome Magggie, justgina, Britchick4 and mrsblobby38! My box of goodies has just arrived so yep, tomorrow's the day. I've been eating very low carb the past couple of days so hopefully I'll get into fat-burning mode fairly quickly. At least, that's the master plan. :rolleyes:
Hi Sorus and good luck - im on day 2 and i must be honest - im feeling very very ok - not too hungry - just keep drinking the water. Ive just started with a mild headache but nothing too drastic so im feeling very good and proud of myself having made it through the first day and into my second - hopefully another couple of days and i will be in ketosis.

Nice to know there are others to support and going though and have been through everything i am sure we will experience.
Welcome all newbies, keep checking in here for support the first week around day 5 was hard for me but then it all just fell in to place. you will need extra support for the hard times like totm and partys ( bbq's for me ) lol but it will be worth it in the end. make small goals for yourself, I have got my party outfit size 12 hanging in my bedroom for me to see, I have got one month to drop one size to wear it and I know I can do it, so can you xxx


Going for it.
Gosh I love being on this forum already. Thank you all for replying and being so welcoming! It's a bit like moving house... to a new area... and meeting lots of new people. Sorry I missed you out YesICan! in my original thanks - we must have posted at exactly the same time. Thanks MrsBlobby for the heads up and Dietkitty and Jue1966 - looking forward to sharing our experiences.

As I've already mentioned I start tomorrow, but have been low carbing since Sunday. Mild headache today, hungry but not terribly so and also had a very stressful day. Dying for a large gin to be honest - either that or a vat of valium - but I shall resist! Shame I gave up smoking 2 years ago. Could do with a packet or 5 right now. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

I'm already trying to think up things I can do with the shakes. Can't stand shakes cos I don't like milky things. Hmmm.... not a good start now I think about it. :eek:
Welcome to all the newbies...good luck to you all....you can do it!


Going for it.
Hi guys well this is day one and so far I am surviving. I have been doing very low carb the past couple of days and this morning I woke up feeling completely sh!te. But.... once I'd got some water down me, and then breakfast, I was fine. Thank goodness cos I had a 5 mile walk planned and after the day I had yesterday I needed to destress out in the countryside. :rolleyes:

I admit that I turned my chocolate shake into a chocolate muffin this morning. As you do. And it was great! I hate shakes as I mentioned before so I know it's not exactly ideal but hey - it's better than not doing it at all.

And then for lunch in the middle of my walk I had the toffee raisin bar which I thought was absolutely delicious. Much, much nicer than I was expecting.

OH is starting Exante tomorrow as well. He has quite a few stones to lose. I really, really hope he succeeds.

I will now go and investigate other threads to see how everyone else is doing!


Still Motivated
Welcome to Exanteworld Sorus :D

Looking forward to sharing your journey.

Love Myr xxx


Going for it.
Hi Dietkitty - well I got the idea from someone on the LL forum. If I could remember who it was I'd thank them cos today I made a coffee muffin out of a vanilla shake and it was bloomin' gorgeous.

I put 2 dessertspoons of boiling water into a ramekin then mixed the shake powder in really thoroughly. Then miked for one minute. It comes out like a warm, chewy, moist cake. I ate it with a spoon.

The coffee one I made by dissolving half a teaspoon of coffee granules in the boiling water before I added the shake powder. I also added a tiny bit of Splenda, though one of the things I liked about the chocolate one is that it isn't too sweet as I don't want to perpetuate a sweet tooth so I'll be cutting this down till in the end I'm hopefully adding no sweetener at all.

I also don't want to be seen to be encouraging anyone else to do this! Clearly the shakes are designed to be eaten, or drunk, as shakes. But if you really don't like shakes then it is one way of dealing with it. I just make sure, as I would anyway, that I'm taking in loads of water.

I slept badly - in fact had a really awful nightmare - and had a headache throughout despite taking painkillers. Woke up feeling totally crap again. But, one fizzy Berocca, another glass of water besides, a pot of black tea and a coffee 'muffin' later I'm feeling fine.


Rebel without a calorie
Thanks, I may try that as I also don't like milky things. I'm going to mix mine this morning with less water and see if it works as a mousse. I always had my LL like that and I don't want the third degree about what it is as I'm at work today.
I slept well but with very vivid dreams and woke feeling hungover. I'm going to try and increase the water today. 2.5 litres yesterday.


Going for it.
I had very vivid dreams last night too! Really, really horrible ones. How peculiar!

Well today I felt fairly rubbish. Headache that just won't go despite gallons of water and painkillers, and a stomach ache that wouldn't go either, though it does seem to be dissipating now.

I'm having 2 packs a day and a low carb, high protein meal. I had the Thai soup for lunch. Didn't enjoy it as much as the coffee muffin :rolleyes: or the bar I had yesterday. Had to water it down cos I found it quite cloying. Won't be rushing to have that again but know I must at some point!

I don't appear to be in ketosis yet which is annoying. Unless my ketostix are just old (which they are). Still highly motivated though!

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