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Hello everyone!

Hello, everyone!

I figured I would be honest with myself when deciding to lose weight. So, reluctantly, I weighed myself (I didn't cheat, either, I did it on the bathroom floor instead of carpet!) and even peeked at the result.

I'm nineteen, fat, and need to shift it. It really hit me that I'm getting married next year, and though my fiance is incredibly supportive and loves my body, I've never really been happy with it.

So, here I am, ready to fight the flab, bust the bulge, and other aliterating motivators.

Yesterday I began my journey, walking through Tesco with a basket and not having filled it with ready-made sandwiches, crisps, soft drinks or my worst weakness, chocolate. I couldn't even walk down the aisle to get my little brother a treat, had to send poor Mark down there and let's face it, men just don't understand 'child-friendly' choclate, do they. Took him three tries to get to the Milky Ways! Anyway, the fridge is stocked, but not with my dearest friends (Aero, Galaxy, and Cadbury) but with lettuce, melon, and other various health foods.

So far I'm loving it, but I shall post my biggest problem in its own thread.

Oops - and my name is Beth! I'm 17 stone, 5'4'', and if I get any bigger I'm going to end up breaking those impractical stools at coffee shops.
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Hi Beth
I'm sue and on the second week of my diet, I am in the Cambridge diet. My starting weight was 15:7 and I am 5ft 3. I had my second weigh in today and I have lost 12lbs in two weeks!
All I can say is keep going! That's what I intend to do. Xxxxx


Slimming down the aisle
Hi Beth, that first trip through a supermarket is a killer! I did a proper one yesterday, literally walked through every aisle more as a test to myself and I ended up leaving with only good things, which is a major boost I find! You CAN do this, you just need to keep believing that you can! It's going to be a long road for both of us, but we'll both get there and you'll be looking AMAZING in your wedding dress next year!! Keep in touch with people here, it can be a great support network!
Hi Beth!

You've got a great goal to look forward to - your wedding! Such motivation will be enough to make your weight loss a success! And even if you don't lose all your weight in a year, you will still look great in your wedding dress.

I gained a few pounds before my wedding, but I still looked great in my wedding dress (and so will you).

Good luck with your weight loss!
hey beth im on the cambridge diet and i must say the first couple days have been the hardest ever, ive had to retrain my mind when it comes to food, but we have to stick too it, because wen we see the results itll all b worth it. im 5ft5 and i weighd in at 15stone, i burst into tears at my first weigh because i didnt know i had gotten soo big, but it was the shock i needed to kickstart me into my weight losss, i keep telling myself i will not b in the 15s again!!

keep going darling, dieting and weightloss is hard, but we'll get through it

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