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Hello fellow Exante-ites


Still Motivated
So I have been lurking around for a few days reading so many inspirational threads from you all. Thank you all for helping me feel so optimistic but it would be rude of me to just read and not introduce myself. :nono:
Well my journey actually started about 2 weeks ago when I decided to follow a low-GI eating plan in the hope of curbing my snacking.
It was while researching food lists that I stumbled across MiniMins and before I knew it I had ordered the 28day bumper pack from Exante. How appropriate that I started on Ash Wednesday - the first day of Lent!
So today is day 4 of Total Solution and I really do feel great so far.
I'm just about to have the tomato soup (the only pack that I have not tried yet. :7834: )
Love Myr xxx
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welcome to our world :D

don't bother with the candles, fancy tablecloth & the posh serviettes

I think the tomato is the worst tasting of the lot
adding chili flakes helps


Still Motivated
Yes it was a bit bland but I added lots of black pepper and a couple of dashes of hot tabasco.

My saturday evening treat is sparkling mineral water in a lead crystal glass.(If only I could shake something in that to taste like wine. :giggle:)

Love Myr xxx


taking it 1 day at a time
Welcome Myr, good luck on your journey.
im on a similar diet NEW YOU diet - here i can buy water flavourings - so my treat too at weekends is a glass of sparlking water with some berry fruit flavouring in a wine glass...lol...its really is all about MIND over MATTER!

Im so glad to hear reading around on here keeps you going too as i can echo that! Fortunately with my NEW YOU diet we have an exclusive Webinar....we all get to chat online for an hour and share all...lol....maybe you should pop along too...

Keep me posted!
Blimey! you sounds like an advert! lol You on commission? lol

Am glad you've found something that so clearly floats your boat.


Still Motivated
Yambabe, Justgina and Miss Demeanour many thanks for your welcomes :wavey:

a glass of sparlking water with some berry fruit flavouring in a wine glass...lol...its really is all about MIND over MATTER!
Bless you Little Miss but I will pass on the flavourings. I actually have no problems with drinking water as I do enjoy it :) I just enjoy wine too:cry:

I appreciate the invite to chat but I do not really get much internet time and cannot commit to specific times due to work commitments etc; and I think from what I have seen so far I will get as much motivation as I require from hereabouts :thankyou:

Love Myr xxx
Hi Myr! Welcome and all that! :welcome2:

I started on Ash Wednesday too - No food for Lent...it's my midterm goal! Really enjoying it actually and finding it quite empowering.

Good luck on your journey!!


Otherwise known as Jools
From one newbie (exante that is) to another Welcome and Good luck. I am sure that with lots of advice and support from the old hands on here you will do really well. :)


Still Motivated
Well folks today - day 9 - has been a bit of a downer for me.:cry: I have felt so fragile. Perhaps the enormity of this journey has just kicked in?
I suppose I have just realised how much we take choosing our food and drink for granted!

This evening as I had my bowl of soup I had to remind myself that i ought be grateful for the nutrition and imagine the poor starving in the world and that this is my choice (for the right reasons of course.)
Is this normal? does the initial euphoria wane after the first week?

Love Myr xxx
Is this normal? does the initial euphoria wane after the first week?

In my experience (which is non-hormonal), Yep. But it'll kinda come and go. I had a really miserable Sunday, for example, but I was relatively perky again on Monday. I can swing between perky and not and back again within the same day. (I remain grateful for the perky moments - I've not had too many of them over the last 6 months or so.)

I think it's a combination of a number of things:-

1) Although 'euphoria' is often ascribed to ketosis, that is the top end of the range of experiences, most people don't reach those dizzy heights.

2) any improvement in mood can also be put down to the fact that you're doing something positive to change you situation and feeling a bit chuffed with yourself, but...

3) after a week or so, the novelty wears off! It's no longer a 'new' project, and the thought of 'is this it for weeks on end?' creeps in, when staring down at your bowl of soup.

And, of course, real life starts to creep back in, and the diet interferes with it. But these things come and go. And so does the mood. You may well feel a bit better tomorrow, but I won't lie to you - you will have bad/difficult/bleak days... (which isn't surprising! this ain't exactly fun!)

But it's temporary, and worth persevering with. These things too shall pass... :)
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Still Motivated
Thanks for the support guys.
And Miss Demeanour I think you hit the nail on the head with point 3!
Day 10 has been ok (apart from the fact I put too much chilli powder in my tomato soup. :sign0007: I was too tight to throw it away so ate it with a teaspoon.)

Love Myr xxx
This thread it very amusing, my boyf actually said last night "are you having a funny mood tonight". I can definitely swing from jolly to moody on this diet, which i think is unusual, poor boyf probably can't tell the difference though.
It's the same for me
bad day ish today
lack of energy
miserable weather
stuff on my mind about something I said to a friend
been good though
but no hannah waterman for me tonight
I switch from happy to sad when I realise I am losing weight, but at the current rate of 3lb per week(if I am good) it's gonna be another 22 weeks on vlcd

sorry, NOT looking for sympathy, or even mega pep talk
just me being Meh tonight
s'fair enough Maggie, we all have 'Meh' days, me more than most, TBH.

No sympathy, just a wee factoid. Most people who have the bigger losses usually have a substantially higher start weight than you, and therefore a bigger mountain to climb. Although the absolute numbers may seem low, the 'percentage lost' bit is just as respectable as everyone else's. After the initial spurt, a stone a month is about normal. Once we get over the initial excitement, I think we all hit the ground again with a bit of a thud...

I think exercise ought to be banned on fridays, anyway.
I think it really must be the weather...I've had a 'meh' day today as well. Although part of that is the fact I had lunch out with my dad (I was very good - a rump steak salad, dodging the side of pitta bread) but I didn't enjoy it one bit! And I LOVE steak! :( So that put me on a bit of a downer.

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