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Hello from a Newbie and a QQ

Hi everyone and thanks for providing such a great site.

I have done CD before but never managed to stick at it for long but the results I got initially were good.

But that's history, I'm back and really do want to do it this time. Initially I am aiming to loose as much as possible for my holiday in 2 weeks - eeek!!

So, my question is, do those that have the big losses in the 1st week, like 11lb and more, are you generally heavier iyswim.

For example I weighed in at 13.12lb :( last night and would love to be 12 something by my holiday and CDC thinks this is totally achieveable but looking through peoples post I see quite a few people loosing 7lbs in first week etc. So is there anything I can do to try and ensure that I have a big loss and if I have a mega loss 1st week is the 2nd week not likely to be much?!

Thanks for any info and wish me well please !
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its hard to say but you will have a big loss in your 1st week def and a good loss in week 2. I lost 14lbs week one and 9 in week 2 but then i started at over 20stone so that may be why!!

Everyone looses different thats why you shouldnt compare yourself. You will lose a good bit before your hoilday. best of luck becky xx
Hi Cupcake

I lost 12lbs in my first week so it can happen. Like you I have done cd before but this time I'm focused and raring to go.

I drink as much as I possibly can usually 4 litres + a day and do not count other fluids such as black coffee in this count. I've dropped to a 4lb loss this week but am happy and will be if it continues like that till the end of my journey.

Good luck!

Hiya, I have also just returned and I had a good loss in 2 weeks in the previous attempt. I was told it was because I was walking so much as I made an effort to walk absolutely everywhere so this exercise made the pounds melt away. One thing I will say though is work out with caution cos I know someone else that worked out too hard whilst on the first week of CD and it made her very lightheaded. Good luck and yes, it's very achievable. Jenny.x
WOWEE Becky that's magnificent loss, god if I could do that I wouldn't be far off where I want to be :-]

I will try not to compare then so that I am not dispointed etc.


Can you tell me how I get my ticker up - i have it prepared but can't work it ou :)
Thanks Sara - sounds like you are in the right place to to do it this time. I would like to get to 12 stone initially so looking at 26lbs to loose and it would be lovely to see it gone now - it's been hanging round too long!

Hope you have a good week.
Thanks Jenza, will be carefull with the excercising etc as can't afford to be ill, got too much to do in the ext couple of weeks before hol.

Hope I can get to at least 13 dead before my hols, was supposed to be 12 but that's not going to happen now!

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