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Discussion in 'Harcombe Diet' started by Lyds81, 14 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Lyds81

    Lyds81 Member

    Hi all,
    I've spent most of this evening reading up on the Harcombe diet. I've tried so many diets and always put on what I've lost plus a bit extra. I've decided to give this a go. I'm going out tomorrow night for a pals b'day so I've decided to hold off until Monday. I've downloaded the book on to my kindle so I'll be reading that beforehand so I can be prepared.

    I'm feeling quite enthusiastic about getting started, hopefully coming on here will provide me with an extra boost.

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  3. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Hi Lyd. Good luck with your start x
  4. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    How are you getting on? X
  5. Lyds81

    Lyds81 Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I haven't actually started yet, I wanted to read the book to the point where I knew what I needed for phase 1. I'm going to asda in a bit with my list so I'm armed for the morning.

    I do have a problem though, Sunday we are having a family get together. We haven't seen my brother for a year and we are going for a meal. Sunday will be my 5th day. I'm going to try to have plain meat and veg but am worried about how things are cooked and after 4 days on phase 1 am I going to be able to resist the call of the dessert menu, eekkkk.

  6. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    I wouldn't worry too much about how they're cooked as fats are ok!! Especially if you're having a fat meal. Make sure you have a good fill, you'll probably find you're nicely full and less tempted by day 5 anyway but if not then have a desert, just make sure it's only that desert. That's where a lot of us (me especially) go wrong. One bad choice can lead to one bad week!
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