Hello from Lancaster UK


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Hi all,

My name is Kirsty and myself and my friend Samantha have started the new year by embarking on Slimming World. Both of us have had success with the plan in the past but for one reason and another, things fell by the wayside.

So here we are, back on the healthy eating and hopefully the start of some great weight loss. Currently we're running ourselves from home but are debating going back to group as Sam particularly needs extra motivation when she's having a bad time.

I look forward to getting to know some of you as we continue along our journeys together and hope that I can be as helpful as those who have already helped me :)

Ciao for now x
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Hi and welcome. I need a class would be unable to do it myself. But many on here do not go to a class and manage fine.
Good luck
Irene xx


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thanks Irene and bubbles. Our home weigh in is Saturday morning, but once we go to class we'll probably work out how far off our scales are to the ones at class then just use them when we can't make it. I don't like to weigh myself too much, I just get obsessed with it then take the low syn days too far!

I like the idea of the support of class. Although I'm fortunate to be living with someone who is also following SW so have some moral support at home I think it will be nice to swap stories and recipes and just spend time with some different people who have a common goal.

Look forward to chatting more x