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Hello, im back with my tail between my legs :(


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hi everyone,
for those that remember me, i joined in december, i lost nearly 2 stone in 6 weeks on CD SS, then it all went t*ts up, i dont know what happened really, i came of for a while and kept trying to get back on it but failed numerous times!
i go away in 14 weeks to cyprus, its meant to be a kind of dream holiday for us all as my eldest daughter chloe is 13 and had got cystic fibrosis and diabetes, we want to have a great time before she gets too ill,
i have gained all the weight back on that i lost and im gutted :(
ive tried slimming world but food controlls me and i cant help but have a sneaky bit of naughty stuff here and there then think ive blown it so pig out,
cambridge is best for me as food is out of the picture,
im re-starting in a week or so, i have been really depressed recently which seems to be getting worse and all i think about every day is losing weight, yet i keep shoving food in my mouth like theres no tomorrow.
just came to say hi and to let you know how bad ive been, i remember on here a few weeks ago making a post telling you all how excited i was that my dreams of losing weight were coming true, i was so happy and felt so motivated! yet here i am a few weeks later stuck in the same rut that ive been in since i was 11. I cant see a way out of it anymore.
i need a kick up my lardy arse. :(
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I remember you. welcome back. Sorry to hear you have been feeling down, fingers crossed CD gets you smiling again....you know you can do it.

Good luck on your journey.

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Don't beat yourself up. What's done is done and we've all been there ( well I have anyway!) I've lost and gained my entire body weight over the years. At least you haven't closed your eyes to it and you're ready to re-start. You can do it! Go for it!x


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I remember you too.
In fact I remember looking at your picture and thinking how stunningly beautiful you are.
You aren't on your own here!
non of us would be doing CD if we could eat sensible etc.
It ain't easy and you also have added pressures in your life that can't help.
At least you've come back and you do know the benefits of doing this diet but I know it is really hard to stay focused.
Good luck to you. x

Purple Hugs

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Your back.. thats the main thing :)
Will be living up to your name in no time I'm sure :)


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Welcome back hun xxx


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Sweety your story is my story and many other people. I am restarting today. and I am so embarressed i gain the weight back. So I am starting from scratch today and I hope no I know it will get better


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Hi darling, I remember you and if you remember I told you off for being so beautiful, and now I have to look at you again,lol.
welcome back darling and I would like to wish you every success.


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Oh you sound so down my lovely:hug99:

BUT your back now and we'll all help get you through:D

14 weeks is plenty of time to lose a ton of weight on this fab diet:D

Everytime we 'fail' it's a learning experience for us and by coming back you've realised that this IS what you want and it IS worth it

Well done for coming back here and deciding to restart, that's sometimes the hardest part so fingers crossed the rest will be plain sailing for you:hug99:


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hey welcome back and good luck, you did it before and you can do it again x xxxx


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Hi , lets see what you can lose in them 14 weeks , just have a look at other peoples posts and see how much they lost in that time , give you an idea . its not easy dieting but by not dieting you feel even worse so what is the answer , to give it all you've got and jump back on the diet and get the pain out of the way :)


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Hey hon, i wondered where you had gone to!
Bless you, welcome back and you know where we all are if you need us for help :) xx


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Hi again Vamp, great to have you back... sorry you've had a bad time, but turn it into a learning experience and go for it... this time you can do it!!! Hugs,
S: 12st13lb C: 12st0lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.18%)
If youve done it once you can do it again! just imagine what it will be like in Cyprus surrounded by skinny girls - you want to be one of them! Thats what I always have to picture when times get touch!! Good luck xxx


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Welcome back hun - you're not alone on this one. It's good to have you back on here and all the best of luck with your restart. Make this time the last time! xxx


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Hiya Vamp, I remember you :) we started around the same time and I remember how well you were doing at the time! You can definitely do it again I know you can!

I am sure this time with Christmas out of the way and the holiday as a goal you will be where you want to be in no time just remember the key is to drink as much water as you can manage :) and come on here for all the support you need xx

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