Hello, I'm Mark, I wanna lose weight :/

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Hey, i'm Mark and i'm 17. Since about the age of 11 ive had problems with my weight there are various reasons for this, mainly to do with my family and me moving house away from my friends. Only this year (2009) did I realise I gotta do something about this. I currently have no job and attend college 5 times a week. we have a professional Gym at college free of charge for me because i am a student i attend this 3 times a week.

I still have this problem with my Diet and to reach my goal of being fit and healthy i need to change this. I want to build muscle (Not massive amounts) but enough to look good. Ive looked on many different places like youtube etc but there isnt the help.

Any tips on diet and recipes would he loved so long as you don't poison me

My Diet currently consists of, rubbish like pies, chips, sausage rolls, sweets, crisps and the odd roast dinner.

Since ive been attending college and going to the gym ive lost about 1 stone in weight and want to lose more.
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Hey Mark
I am new to this too but you ound like you have made a much better start than me - well done!
Few tips that may help:
Try keep a food diary. Note down what you eat as this can really make you stop and think about what you put in your mouth and can help you cut down on portion sizes and on eating junk.
Recipes: the simpler the better, and by that I mean in terms of simple (good) ingredients as opposed to how quickly you can zap it in the microwave! Things like porridge for breakfast, baked potatoes or salads (be as imaginative as you want) for lunch and a piece of grilled meat or fish with vegetables and pasta/rice/potatoes for dinner. Try to snack or things like fruit and drink loads of water to help fill you up.
Exercise: simple things like taking the stairs instead of the lift or getting off the bus a few stops early every day adds up to a lot over a week. Also, try an exercise class at the gym or join a club such as badminton or football. Most clubs are not expecting you to be fantastic at the sport to begin with and give you lots of support and a way to meet new friends. It also means you are doing an activity which often doesn't end up feeling like exercise because you are having so much fun.

Hope some of this helps. Reading this forum will give you loads of great advice and you could also try buying a magazine like Men's Health?

Good luck :)


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Hi and welcome. Have a chat to the trainer at the gym and see what he suggests. Keep a food diary and see exactly what you have been having and start making some changes.

And good luck on the loss
Irene xx


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Hi Mark, well done on losing a stone already that is a great start.