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Hello, I'm new!

Hi there, I am Georgie, I am new on here!
I start ss tomorrow (1st dec) i weigh currently 14st7 and want to be 11stone. It doesnt sound alot, but it is to me, i am a terrible emotional eater, happy or sad and find i have very little to think of me with 4 little kids and a business etc so therefore i eat whenever and whatever if there is no time for me to think about what i am eating.
So, anyway this is going to be hard, breaking the cycle of binge comfort eating or whatever it is I do!
I so want to be thinner but never have quite got there, lost motivation and have to give up on me before i even start! That isnt meant to sound self indulgent but tis the way it is i guess!

So, it would be good to have some support etc, i am going to do this over christmas and till i have done this time. If anyone wants to be a diet buddy thats fab!
anyway, think thats it for now!
thanks for reading.
georgie x
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welcome! good luck with CD! brave time to start with CD but i guess there is no time like the present! I started CD on 4th oct at 14st4 and a half and am now 12 st 4 and a half and have done ss+ most of the time! the first few days can be tough but so far it has been so worth it! keep us up to date with your progress! x
Hi everyone =]
My names jasmine im new here to, also starting tomorrow i'm really quite nervouse about my first week but more determined than ever i weigh 14stone 8 at the moment so not so good ( i hate it) any tips or advice would be great, here goes nothing :D good luck people
Hi Georgie welcome, i started at 14st 9lb on 21st September and i am now 11st 3 and size 12 again. I have just 17lbs to go. You will be fine it sounds like my biography written in your post. I think on this diet you think a lot about the triggers in your past eating habits and this diet helps you break the cycle. if you get an urge to eat when you do this diet get on here or take a nice bath walk the dog break the cycle it helps.

Enjoy the weight will fly off

Hi Georgie! Welcome to Minimins and good luck with your CD journey. This is a great place to come for lots of support and encouragement and I'm sure you'll find it helpful. I've been doing CD since April 09 and have lost 6st 5lbs so far and am now in size 12/14 clothes - so anything is possible!


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Enjoy the journey, enjoy the feeling of youre clothes getting too big, enjoy seeing the Lb's melt away, enjoy hearing the compliments that will come your way, enjoy getting to know the new confident person that will emerge!
theres so much to look forward to!!!
Hi to the two new Girls,
Hope your 1st day is going ok?
I find the first 4 days are a bit hard but then it gets a lot easier!
I'm on a 2nd restart and started at 14stone!
I'm at the moment 12.2. It really does work if you stick to it!
Good luck Girls x x
HEy kelly im new and am on second day on sole source ive eaten :( because i felt really ill an dizzy did u feel at all like that i couldnt get hold of a couseller so im real dissapointed with myself! am going to carry on though just worried why i feel so ill!
hi its my first day on cd aswell so perhaps we can keep each other motivated! i had porridge for breakfast and a shake for lunch having black coffee now, i have a headache but i know thats expected, the hard bit was making and feeding my toddler, the toast at breakfast smelt so good !lol hopefully hubby will cook his own dinner tonight and leave me to focus on making it through day one!

good luck, heres to a slimmer you xx
I know yesterday was a nightmare first tackled the kids tea then my other halves a mixed grill! it looked gorgous i think hardest time is teatime/early evening tonight im gonna cook tea then head off upstairs to sort my wardrobe out and do my self tan i really need to get past these first few days! il do anything t keep my mind off food and not eat again!!! xx
I felt like this 1st time around and I felt VERY dizzy.
I found keep drinking the water as much as you can and also I have my first shake of the day at about 12ish then again at 5ish then a bar while watching the telly.
That seemed to help, My CDC said it was sugar levels.
If that's not good for oyu then maybe try splitting your products up ie..have 6 shakes a day instead of three, just halve them.
Hope that's helped.
Good luck x x
I was lucky and didnt feel ill. but i know many do. Apparently its carb/sugar/caffeine and alcohol withdrawal, which seems to make sense.
Good news is it doesnt last long, then the good feeling of ketosis kicks in and the hunger goes away. Drinking lots of water helps.
Hope youre all doing ok... keep posting!
HEy kelly im new and am on second day on sole source ive eaten :( because i felt really ill an dizzy did u feel at all like that i couldnt get hold of a couseller so im real dissapointed with myself! am going to carry on though just worried why i feel so ill!
Hi Catherin,

It is not uncommon to feel ill if you used to consume a lot of High GI carbohydrates. Your body is used to quick blood sugar spikes, and you are basically detoxing. Be sure to drink your water and flush your system -- and ketosis should kick in after three of four days and you should feel much better.

The first few days are truly the most difficult -- but everytime you drop out of ketosis (by having a blip) it starts the process all over again.

Be Strong.

Welcome GeorgieB and Shrubsyer. It is a hard time to start -- but I chose to start back taking off the nearly 2 stone I'd regained (of the amost five I lost last year) in November, because if I waited until the New Year, it'd be just that much more to lose. You are not alone as you can read. Congrats for making a positive decision.

Blush, Your OH sounds lovely.

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Hi thanks for you replies, that would make sense i had a big alchol binge sat and ate alot of carbs and sugar on the sunday, an i started monday, i really want to forget about today and carry on all i keep thinking is by the weekend i hope it will be all out of system and il feel better! I think next few days are going to be hard so you might be hearing alot more from me! haha i just need to get through the rest of the week i can do it!! :O) xxxxx am going to try that halving the shakes thanks for the tip!
please keep posting! we are all here to help and support each other!
You will get through the next few days, just think about how amazing you will look and feel by xmas!
hi cath hows the day been, ive sat down to a hot choc shake so it feels like im treating myself! made it through day one, i did go weak willed at 7pm when i was so hunfry i felt like giving in but then hubby took me out shopping n bought me a lovely fur (fake)coat a bit tight but hopefully it will fit by xmas! day 2 tom!!!

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