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Hello is anyone there?


In it to lose it
I'm fed up talk to me. I was feeling crap yet again. Tummy ache this time. Finally managed to get asleep about 12.30 then something jumps on me about 15mins later.

Its my 6 month old Cavalier King Charles puppy Sascha. She had managed to get out of her room and decided to wake me up to play. Probably wouldn't have been to bad but she then decided to annoy my Jack Russel dog Jessie (she's 13 1/2) who then decided she wasn't having any of it and started barking. This then upset the cat. None of them would settle down so I ended up getting up at 1.30. Its bloody freezing.

As soon as dad gets up I'm going back to bed. Only about another 3 1/2 hours. Theres nothing worse than sitting alone in the middle of the night. Your thoughts get all maudlin and start turning to the past. I ended up writing in my blog and getting very depressed. Not good.

In case anyones wondering why Sascha has to sleep in her own room its because she still isn't completely dry during the night. Also she won't leave the other pets alone.
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Hi Susie,

Give us all a few hours. Most are still in their beds sleeping. x
Awww hun, sorry to hear you've had a rubbish night. Naughty dog! Try and get some sleep when your Dad is up xxxx
How are you doing now Hun??? Get yourself a warm drink and just try and relax. Naughty Sascha!! I hope you told her off!
If you can, just have a duvet day today, you sound so low, just reading your post. Take care and we are here....well Im at work at the moment, but dont tell the Boss!!! Lol

hope you're tucked up in bed now x
get your arse in gear lady xx sorry to here your dam dog woke you mine does that sometimes and my partner never heres her so muggins has to always deal with it,i can sympathise xx


In it to lose it
The reason I couldn't just put her back to bed is because dad wasn't feeling to good and she sleeps in the room next to his. If she didn't want to go back to bed she would have complained loudly. She's now sat looking all sweet and innocent on the mat infront of the fire.


I ate my willpower!
I slept really badly last night too. I have got a stinking cold and my mouth kept going dry cos I have a blocked up nose. I have to go out in the cold in a min to pick my middle one up from school. Brrrrrr
Sue - have you seen Wonder around? I know she is normally on in the day time with us, but I've not seen her in ages........


In it to lose it
You poor thing. Can't you bribe the kids? All I have is dad, 2 dogs and a cat and that's enough to drive me nuts sometimes. Try and get an early night. Can you take something to help with the stuffiness?

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