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Hello - just new to this.

My problem is that i've already been on Lipotrim and it worked like a dream. I lost 2 1/2 stone on it ( I was 18 st 10 - down to 15 st 3 lbs)in my first 4 weeks untill I went off it for a friends party and went straight back to my old ways. I have a weeks supply sitting at home and I look at it every day and wonder if I should go back on it. Well, I did today and am just wondering if it's a good idea to do so. I know what I went through the first time, so of course i'm waiting for the hunger, sore heads and feeling sorry for myself over the next 2 weeks. After that, I know I enjoyed doing it, so I really need to get into it.

Has anyone else here had such a break from it before - and then got back onto the program and continued losing weight?

Thanks for your time.
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Welcome to the forum. I hope you find all the help and advice and companionship you need here.
Hi i started LT in Jan this year and also lost 2.5 stones within about 6-8 weeks .

Im not ss'ing at the mo or following the maintanince , not been doing it since may really .
You must feel like you want to do this again and it has worked b4 for you , so i say keep going !

Well done on taking the first step , just think in 2 weeks time you could be a stone lighter .

We are here for support whenever you feel the need .
Yes it will be hard but the results are well worth it .

Have you been back to your LT chemist , to get more packs and to be monitored ?


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If you are sure you are ready to start the diet again and will stick to it I cant see why not, though you only have 1 weeks supply so Im assuming you will go back the chemist where you got your packs before.

Anyway good luck.


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Best of luck...as you said the first week or so is the worst and then you are ok and the weight just rolls off which is a great feeling....I went off for a couple of days while on hols and its tough to get back as your body wants the food LOL....but when you have a bit to lose (like me!!) its a great diet to get results fast! Best of luck and let us know how its going!!


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I will admit that it was a little like Day 1 all over again but not quiet as bad. (little devil was well on my shoulder telling me a few nibbles would do no harm LOL)... added a bit of brute determination and by end of Day 2 - it was like I was never off ssing - hunger gone and feeling fine....!! You know when you get your head in the zone it helps...onwards and upwards!!! Hope all well with you lucky!
Thanks everyone for their replies. I have 8 days worth in the cupboard and I started this morning again. I think i'll just finish them before I go back and face the music for stopping in the first place.

Thanks again...


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Hey best of luck and keep posting on how you are getting on!
Hi Chunky (I dont like calling you that)

I just went off LT for the weekend and started it again on Monday. Just like Bea the first couple of days I was a bit hungry but now its fine and people have started to say that they can see that I have lost weight and to be honest that is all the motivation I need to stay on it.


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Hi Chunky....hope its going well the last couple of days....as Rachel said - when all the compliments start flooding in it really help the moviation!! (Way to go Rachel!!!)


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you are welcome!

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