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Hello man from Uk in need of help lol.

Hello everyone

Right where do I start well really I need some advice. I need to get on to some sort of diet but I really dont know what would be the correct diet for me. Recently I've lost like 2 1/2 stone from just riding my bike to work each day which was about 16miles a day round trip but now because i'm a project based engineer I'm back at the head office for the for seeable future which is an 80miles round trip so riding to work is out of the question even though it would be a great work out :D.

Problem is I've gained like a stone in 3 weeks and the only thing that has changed is that I'm no longer getting my nice 'n' hard work out before and after work. Now the main reason is because of the distance I travel I'm up early and back late week days and I only really get to train on a sunday.

Now I'm 24 years old 6,2 and currently weight in 16st 11. (Was down to 15st 12 :mad:)

I've looked at all the diets and have no idea what works best for people. I'm not wanting to go nuts like on LL diet I've seen as that costly and I dont think its the correct diet as I dont want to loose to weight that fast. I mean I would be happy at the 14 stone mark but would like to be between 13/14 if I'm honest. I guess the other fact is that I would still like to have a drink and eat the foods I like but inline with some sort of plan. I'm wondering what had worked best for others WW, SW. If there are other plans that people could suggest then please do it would be very help.

Well if you have made it to the bottom of my first post then well done lol.

Thanks in advance and hope you all can help :D

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Hi Mate, welcome to the board, can't help much on the exercise front as I'm a couch potato these days. Could you take your bike to work and cycle during your lunch hour?
Hi Mate, welcome to the board, can't help much on the exercise front as I'm a couch potato these days. Could you take your bike to work and cycle during your lunch hour?
Hi Jim

We dont have showers at my work so cant really get back into the suit after a work out :D. Just finding time to exercise is hard enough for me as I'm up early and back late. This is the reason I'm looking at controlling my diet abit more to help me get rid of the pounds also. I could start running in the morning but this means me having to get up earlier meaning less sleep ahhhhhhh ;)
Weightwatchers is good for eating anything you like (just in moderation) and you can also drink - you just have to write everything down and 'point' it.

You can join on-line or go to a class - check out the Weightwatcher's thread on here

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Welcome to minimins :)

There are some cool sites where you can log your eating in there to keep track of what you're eating, where you could change it etc (i.e. cut down on fat etc).

As you have done well by exercise and on your own, do you feel able to carry that on? Rather than 'diet' as such? This really is everyones ideal goal after all.. but sadly not one I've ever achieved myself.

Alternatively there are lots of diets that allow healthy eating as part of the key ingredients basically, such as Slimming world or Weight Watchers.
Atkins, Lighter life and Cambridge diet are ketosis based, Atkins is pretty good for men I think if you're a fry up and meat lover! lol My husband got on quite well on it and as you can see Jim has done amazing :).

CD and LL are meal replacements so may not be suited to you - they're not everyones cuppa tea but work well - or should I say milkshake!? lol

Then there are things like low fat shakes from gym type manufacturers and Slimfast that will help curb your intake of calories :).
Thats the main problem due to change of work location I'm now unable to carry on with the amount of exercise. Mainly because the travel to work takes so long. My average work day is 14 hours once you factor in travel.I play baseball from a team which normal is 5 months of training, then training is replaced with our regular baseball season so instead of training I'm playing games,

Problem being is I'm very active already barely have any free time. Second problem is when it comes to diets I have to be careful because of course I need to keep my enegry levels up so that I can perform at sports to the normal level.. so that i keep my place on the team hehe.

This is why i'm trying to find something on the middle ground diet wise. I think meal replacement diets would do me damage due to the amount of cals in take vs burning etc. WW sounds good but the online system seems pricey for the first 3 months.

Jim wow dude you have shown me that I will be able to do this filled me with motivation. Atkins diet I've heard mixed things about the first problem I've heard about it effect muscle massive which worries me but I could be wrong on this. But the reason this worries me is because I carry alot of muscle which I honestly dont want to loose. Jim if you could give me some details on atkins I havent got a clue really about it so would be really helpful.

I think I'm trying to get a balance between the two. If that makes sense.

Cheers for the replies.
Thanks mermaid and Irene.

Started today with getting up at 5.30 and going for a run. First time in ages feels like riding a bike for the first time. I had to slow down to a walking pace like 3 times but carried on. I'm planning to try and go for a run after work as well. Nothing major just a short run just trying to break myself back into it.

Question is will I get up tomorrow or will I stay in bed under the warm sheets lol. :p
Good for you mate. I can't run any more, too many years of Rugby and the Army. My joint's are well past their MOT.

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