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Hello, Need advice :)

Firstly hello, joined up today!

I've been dieting now for 3days, WW but i cant seem at all to get to my points. I'm allowed 36 which i was shocked at. I can manage about 25-30 each day with 3meals a day and i slip in an apple or two during the day.

Also on the second day i began to get mild headaches, is this due to my body not being used to low sugar/fats ect?

My daily goal is to drink 1ltr of water a day, tho i dont like plain tap water so im drinking Volvic flavoured water. Wondered if this is basically the same as normal water just flavoured?

-Tom XxX
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Slowly but surely!
Hi Tom

Cant really advise you on the points as im doing a different diet, however as a fellow tap water hater lol I also have been drinking volvic plain and flavoured waters instead, you need to watch the callories in some flavoured waters but otherwise im sure its fine, good luck x


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Hi Tom,

I don't like tap water either. I drink tesco spring and still water.

You can but them in packs of 4 2ltr bottles for less than half the price of the volvic.....and I think they taste nicer. :D
Your points will go down along with your success!
For a cheaper option on the water, buy plain water and squeeze a drop of lemon or orange (from the fruit) in it. Much cheaper.
Also on the second day i began to get mild headaches, is this due to my body not being used to low sugar/fats ect?
-Tom XxX
Hi Tom,

Just a guess, but you are probably getting headaches because you are not eating all of your points which equal a certain number of calories...you have been given that amount of points because its what someone at your weight will healthily and comfortably lose weight on.

The points will obviously reduce as you lose weight so you really should try and use them all up because as they reduce you may find your weight loss grinding to a halt....so you should really make the most of all those points while you can!

Cat Bee x

Oh yeah, meant to say as well, Volvic Flavoured water has a relatively high amount of points in it...you should opt for sugar free squash instead...thats zero points...(Of course this may have changed, so Id double check with your WW leader to confim)

Thanks for the advice, the water im drinking says sugarfree on it. And the calories in a 1.5ltr bottle is 24. Am i ok to keep drinking this?
I dont think so honey, I remember guzzling 2 litres of the Strawberry flavoured volvic every day for a week, thinking it was 'free' but I ended up getting a bollocking from my WW leader because 1 litre has 5 points in it, so I had consumed an extra 10 points every day for a week and was none the wiser.... :eek::eek:

But if you have those extra points to use, you should be ok, but I know Id want to use my points for something else other than flavoured water! :D
*Puts down the bottle*

WOW Thanks i guess you just saved me! hehe, i think i'll stick to normal spring water from now on then :)
I remember my WW leader back in 2006 also warning the group about fruit flavoured waters and that they can be hefty in points, wasn't an issue for me as I don't drink them, but there was a few very shocked members that session :eek:

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