Hello... Need all the inspiration, motivation and support I can get

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  1. Diamondintherough

    Diamondintherough Full Member

    Hello to you all... As my title says have just come across this forum and it appears this may be a good place to get some inspiration, support and motivation, I sure need it.

    i joined SW 10 weeks ago, my starting weight was 15 st 1.5 lbs and so far following the plan have lost 1 st, so going steady so far. Fell off the wagon, so to speak, just before and during the Easter hols and am now feeling a bit low. I really need to re motivate!

    I think I have set myself a fairly realistic goal to lose 3 st before Xmas.... So only 2 more to lose for this goal. Am on holiday in 10 weeks... Would love to lose another st in possible for that.

    look forward to reading your posts and sharing experiences.

    bye for now :0)
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  3. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Hey diamond.

    Congrats on your loss so far!!!!

    Dont worry about easter believe me we've all had a little blip over the weekend its impossible not to what with being surrounded by easter eggs and family.

    For motivation how about setting yourself mini goals e.g. When i lose 7lb ill go buy myself some thing nice for my holiday then when i lose 1st ill treat myself to a bit of pre holiday pampering?

    Dont fall into the trap of treating yourself with food. I always used to and one day my mom said ' your not a dog you dont need food treats' and its always stuck with me.

    Obviously a little of what you fancy is good for you so dont cut out anything just have it in moderation. I have chocolate at least three times a week but i only have a small bar. I know if i cut it out id eat a huge bar in one sitting and probably drive down to the shops to buy more haha.

    Focus on you successes and especially non scale sucesses as these often get over looked on a 'diet'. Dropping a dress size or running for the first time in years are amazing things and so much better than a loss in my opinion. Some weeks i wont loose a lb but ill have lost inches so that keeps me motivated.

    Sorry for the long reply an not sure if its totally relevant for you but i hope it helps :D
  4. Diamondintherough

    Diamondintherough Full Member

    Hi LouLou129 thanks for the welcome and the encouragement, great advice.... Feeling a bit more in control today :0)
  5. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Glad to hear it Diamond :)

    This place is great for all kinds of help and support because we're all going through the same journey and 99.9% have made the same oopsies haha

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