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Hello, new here, on week 3 of LL

Hello :wavey:

I'm on week 3 of Lighter Life, I lost 12lb my first week and 4lb my second week, and am halfway through week 3. Discovered the lemon biscuits (yum!) which are helping a lot. I have stuck to it and drunk loads of water, but next weekend we are away at my in-laws for a wedding, and that is going to be hard. I'm taking all my packs with me and will just wander around the buffet at the wedding with an empty plate to look as though I've eaten, but it won't be easy, my MIL is an ace cook! I also find it hard when cooking for the children, I have 4!

Anyway, that's me.
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Cor Miss B! I am in awe of your willpower - I live alone (although in a street full of cake shops!) and I just shut myself from all food for the first 12 weeks.

If you're in week three you're past the hard bit, but just to keep you aware you will have other difficult patches round about week 5-8 - it hits in different weeks for different people - some people don't notice them, but they hit other people really hard - just keep focused on the next Weigh-in and the next one after that - write down where you want to be in 10 weeks time - you will be amazed at how powerful this is. I hope with 4 kids some of them are old enough to help clear the dishes and make sure that Mum doesn't have to worry about the leftovers!

Your losses are great and you're on track for a fabulous journey - just keep yourself prepared and keep thinking of you and putting yourself first for the next 10 weeks - I know that that's hard when you have a family - but by putting yourself first for 3 -6 months you are making sure that you are a healthy fit Mum for life afterwards! Sorry if that's a bit personal when i don;t know you - but I'm Sarah - I did 7 months of abstinence

Started in Jan weighing 18st 2
Jan 7th - Day 100 - mid April 2007 - lost 4st 10
Mid April - Mid August (115 days with a wisdom teeth op that slowed me up in the last couple of weeks) - lost 3st

I started with rough measurements 52-42-52 ish - by the end of the 100 days I was a size 16 - by mid July I was a size 10 - I am now a size 8-10 in jeans and a size 10-12 on top (10 for clingy tops, 12 for fitted shirts).

I've gone from a BMI of 41/42 to a BMI of 22.5 - 24 (I am a recovering binge eater so returning to food has had some challenges for me which I am getting through!)

I have also gone from having blood pressure of 155/98 (the level where they start medicating) to 110/70-80 (a little low and probably lower than anyone else in my family (we have a history of high blood pressure))

I stuck to abstinence rigidly - I didn't 'cook' any of my packs ever and broke abstinence for the first time about a week before day 200. I exercised 3 times a week - at least 1 hour of yoga a week and 2 good long walks/bike rides. When I stuck to that pattern I was losing on average about 4lbs a week (not including Week 1) when I slacked off a bit and didn't exercise and as I got closer to goal that went down to 2.8-3lbs a week.

People in my life can't believe how much I've changed, how determined and disciplined and happy I am.

These pictures are both from the last 4-5 weeks - the black dress is a size 10 Topshop fitted dress.

And that's me exactly 7 months ago in a size 22 Dorothy Perkins top and size 22 Evans trousers (I now fit into one leg of them!!!)

So - Miss B - that's what's possible! I wish you every success - and we are always here to help (I don;t post on here during the days during the week, but I am usually around in the evening) If you click on the link to my blog you can go and see my journey through the first few weeks if you click on the links to Jn/Feb this year - I started keeping the blog more regularly in the 5th week


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Hi Miss B! Welcome to Minis! I am Sarah (as well!!) and I began LL in Feb of this year. So far I have lost about 7 stone with 3-ish left to go. I am not always perfect, although I was in my first 100 days!! I have some pics to my Picasa link, if you fancy a gander!!

Re the empty plate, I you can, crumble a sausage roll or similar onmthe plate, then I bet you no-one will even notice you're not eating!
It can be done, I did it on my own birthday in early March ,and then managed a meal out on my OH birthday in late March.

I cook for my family too, although at first I did hand a lot of it over to hubby, & while they were eating I had some lovely luxurious bubble baths!

There are tough weeks; I remember week 9 being a bit tricky for me, plus a few others. Best bit of advice is to stick with Minis and log on at the first frissant of foodie-ism!! We have all been there, many still are and the advice & wisdom on here is second to none!!

Keep posting! xx


likes posting.
Hi im Eileen i started ll on 8th may.Ive lost 3st 10 pounds ive been too bbqs a weekend away partys & holiday & did them all its was hard but i just kept telling myself im only doing ll once & for me i keep thinking of the money im spending each week, its worth it but it wouldnt be if i was eating too.
Good luck you are doing great so far.

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