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Hello New Recruit to Exante!

Hi All,
I am new on Exante, on day 4 today and am starting to feel okay, headache has gone and I am in the K zone :p
I must be made of iron as I have sat in mcdonalds with the kids and been round town shopping and managed to just nurse a black coffee. I also have to cook for my 3 sons and OH every night. I am feeling strong. Long may it continue! :cross::cross::cross:
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Hi, I'm on day 4 today as well :) And what is it with people and McDonald's - my flatmate walked in with one last night! (I think I may have fought to the death for it had she have done it on day two)

Good luck though and welcome! :)
Hi and welcome. :)

I have talked my OH into doing the diet with me next month so I don't have to cook for him (or smell his chips!) every day. :eek:

I'm now finding that I actually enjoy the smell of food though, even if I can't have any.

It was hard at first but it definitely gets easier as you get further into it.


taking it 1 day at a time
Welcome and good luck Chipmunk. Know what you mean about cooking for others. I have to cook for my DH and 5 kids every night and my eldest often doesn't get in until 9ish so I have his food hanging around in the kitchen inviting me to pick. Managed to resist so far thank goodness.

Long may you be strong, onwards and downwards.
Nearly a fortnight in, I *still* have a problem with the smell of food. I think, for me, that one's just not going to go away. I've always had craving problems, anyway.

Welcome in, and all the best :)
York was a bit bad yesterday
food places assaulting me at every step
surreal sight of Vikings eating greggs pasties in packets everywhere (it was Jorvik festival :D)

OH was trying not to sit in & eat anywhere, so he was mentioning how lovely the curry houses & italian restaurants smelled

sounds like you are over the worst chipmunk, it doesn't get any worse for sure

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