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hello...new to exante


Get through each day.
Hi All....am new to this site and have just ordered exante diet bumper pack. Know it's cheaper than other similar products but hope I stick to it as it's still not that cheap! You all seem to be doing so well...hope I can follow your example. Will let you know how I get on.
Jb x :eek:
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hi and welcome, i am ordering my pack on Friday so we will start around the same time :p


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Good luck you two, my hubby said exactly the same thing when I ordered my first pack ' I hope you're going to stick to it' and I've just ordered my 2nd months supply, I've found it much easier than I could ever have imagined, hope you do too x


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Hello and welcome, im sure you will love it once you get going!
Welcome, fellow newbie just nearing the end of my first week so know what you will be going through,

good luck in your Journey.

Wendy x


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Welcome. It's a tough diet but once you get going and through that first week it gets better. I wont tell you its easy because it really isn't, but once you can distinguish between physical hunger and simply craving something yummy to eat that really helps. Oh, and the financial commitment you've just made helps too lol.


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good luck on your journey, yes it is tough but the results are fab, but don;t be harsh if u have a offf day, i have had many, but got straight back on, i have to come off again this week as i have a few events to look forward to, but i am also looking forward to starting back on the journey again, once u knuckle down it gets easier.


Get through each day.
Thanks for welcome. Got email today to say the pack will be delivered tomorrow so here goes! x


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ordered this morning, not sure if they deliver on Saturday so i will probably get them Monday to my work address which is fine by me!:cool:
Hi, good luck to you all, i am starting next week as I just ordered a bumper pack today xx


Get through each day.
well here goes! first day today...pack came yesterday. hope i can stick to it as am miserable as i am. problem is that when i get miserable i eat! vicious cycle. will aim to get through to next sat without constantly weighing myself...deep breath....


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Good luck its the best diet ive ever been on for fast results x


Get through each day.
Thanks Rose....I hope I have the will power this time. Have just stuck fat and thin pictures on my fridge and food cupboard to remind me where i want to be when the emotional hunger creeps up on me! I am always fine through the day but night time is a big problem. Can't seem to watch big brother without crisps, nuts and wine!


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Watching big brother is where the issue lies... that carp is enough to drive anyone to drink! just kidding, really though if u get the urge just pop on here and we will be around x

Hello all,

Just thought I would chime in and say I too should be starting on exante this coming week, hopefully on Tuesday if all the stuff comes by then.

I have been lurking for a while weighing up the pros and cons of VLCD and have decided to give it ago after stepping on the scales and realising I am about half a stone heavier than I thought I was!

My only fear is that headaches, should the occur may effect my work as I am currently writing up my MA dissertation. It should be fine and I am going to stay positive even if it might be difficult.

I agree about wine being needed to dull the pain or boredom of Big Brother! :D


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hey Ella!!

get stock up on nurofen and try to lessen the blow by not carbing up the couple of days before you start x i'm waiting for my delivery to arrive to, i ordered Fri morning? not sure when it will come!


Get through each day.
Oh I know bb's crap...but I love it. Watched every series so not gonna stop now on last one. ;) Just had the veg soup for dinner...it was ok with lots of pepper. missed a big hunk of bread with butter though. So now all I have to do is get through the rest of the night without my usual bingeing on crisps etc. Will go to bed early I think!
Good luck when it comes Paula & Ella...let me know how you get on with your first day!:)


Get through each day.
Well am off to bed...have made it through first day. Stomach is rumbling and protesting big style, have lost count of trips to loo after drinking lots of water, and could murder any kind of food at all....but thats to be expected I suppose.
Thanks to all on this forum for support...it makes a big difference being able to vent about it on here. Ready for tomorrow.

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