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Hello :o)

I just thought I would say hello to you guys in the LL boards. I have had weight issues on and off over the past 10 years and always done Slimming World in the past, but over the last year or so my weight has got out of control and I couldn't stick to anything. I joined LL in Sept and am on Week 5. I'm finding it hard at the moment but have lost about a stone and a half and am determoned to stick to it and get to the bottom end of my healthy BMI range. I've been reading on here for a little while, and there are so many inspiring people and great support. Really look forward to getting to know you all!
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well done on your good weightloss!!!! it is hard at times but with a little support, especially from those who really know what its like, ul get through it! your doing really well, uv got to week 5, thats a third through the inicial 15 wk plan, think how proud ul feel when u get to that point and be at least 3 stone lighter!!!!!!! keep up the good work :) x
Hii Agent44!
Welcome and congrats on your weight loss so far.
I'm at about the same stage as you - I had a very difficult start but am finding it fairly straight forward for the minute. Feel free to join in with the September starters thread - we are all at roughly the same stage and it does help to see how others are doing and to share the highs and lows!


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Hi Agent44

I have been on LL for anout 13 weeks. I get strong moments and weak moments, such is life!!!

Welcome to our forum, I really dont think you will find better support anywhere else!! I find just writing stuff down helps!

Good Luck
Hi Agent44 and welcome to minimins. Well done on your weight loss to date! It can be tough but make sure you use this website for support and advice.

Good luck

Kat xx
gOOD start Agent

I look forward to seeing your progress.


Is back in the saddle!
Heloooo and welcome to the forum.
hi there!
welcome onboard - good luck
daisy x
Hi Agent44
Welcome to the forum and well done on your loss so far.
i am on week 7 at the moment so a week or so ahead of you but feeling great and think this is the best thing I ever did!
Look forward to sharing your journey.
Milli x
Hi Agent and welcome! :)

I will have finished my 6th week on Tuesday.

There are times when I look at food and think " OOH YUM!"...but most of the time, I like the fact that I am guaranteed to lose weight on this programme, and certain dates keep me going...like Christmas...I should be at least 3 stone lighter by then ~ and so should you. :)

Get yerself onto September starters with us...we are all about the same stage as Looby and Milli said.

You are more than welcome to share your ups and downs with us. xx :)


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Hey Agent44

Welcome to our little part of the interwebs!! Congrats on your fab loss so far and good luck with the rest of your journey to slimness. This board and the lovely people on it were invaluable to me and I doubt I would have got to RTM without them!!!

Keep us posted with your progress.



I will do this!
hi agent, a new September starter, come and join us there. I've just finished week 5 and am generally enjoying the diet and the freedom I feel on it.

Well done on your loss so far!
Thanks everyone for the lovely welcome! :)

Have to say the past couple of days feel like they have been easier than I have found it recently, seem to have taken stock of why I am doing this and how much I have lost already, which has spurred my enthusiasm. I am so excited about getting to my target! I know that learning to eat sensibly will be hard, but I am looking forward to that too, I dream of a life that isn't hinged on what I am going to eat next!

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