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Hello people - I'm back n buzzing


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I've had a week at Abersoch...yes it rained, almost 3 weeks in France and came off diet - I think it was holiday day one and spending 18 hours driving/ferry 600 miles later that put the ciibosh ( how do you spell it) on........Lipotrim, 4 litres of water and stuck in car do not mix.

So back at 5.00am Monday morning and Tuesday back on Lipotrim. No minmins because computer broken

TODAY : computer fixed - well found I can turn it on by using a pen pressed into the on/off switch ..... plucked up courage to weigh in .....only on home scales but.....TWO POUNDS (not stone) gain.

Happy happy happy - Whoopeee !

Then getting back to work yesterday meant wearing proper grown up clothes and all you ladies i'm sure will understand when I say as I've lost weight my skirts have dropped to my hips and become full length so this evening I went to look at Evans sale.

Pre- diet size 26 and I thought I'd be bold and try on a size 22 ....IT WAS TOO BIG (and looked gross but thats by the by) so I then tried on a size 20 which is "comfortable".

Rock on ...but I am buzzing. Brown flab also looks so much nicer than pale and anaemic..

Question time now for any late bods or early worms. I have almost 3 weeks supply cos of coming off on holiday. Do I go to chemist on my normal weigh day tomorrow and get the usual weekly supply, go next week and do the same or wait til I need more in 3 weeks and then go?

I know its just personal preference but what do you guys suggest.

Big hugs to be back all you lovely people. I've missed you
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Hi I'd agree get weighed and dont buy anymore if you have got enogh to cover yu through the week.
Do you mind me asking what you ate as I go on my hols in 2wkks and a bit nervous


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Excellent that you only put 2lbs on, you must have stuck to a really healthy diet, well done. Congratulations on the drop in sizes! It's so encouraging isn't it? :clap::clap:
I'd just get weighed, and tell them you'll buy more when they run out. Welcome back to the grim UK weather! xx
well done ,2lbs is very little to put on for a weeks hols,get weighed and tell them you have enough sachets to keep you going for a while.keep up the good work xxx


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well done, i'd get weighed and explain you have packs and maybe keep one week spare in case they run out of your fav shakes one week!

message to fraggle, take shakes on holiday like lisa lisa did, then you can carry on losing weight while away :) I have had several weekends away, days out, cinema and theatre trips, also got a hen night and a wedding comming up, and i just stay on LT for them all. dont want to come on and off, also i think LT are being made to be more strict regarding coming on and off from what i have read on here on some posts anyway.

good luck. H
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welcome back and glad you had a great holiday and happy when you weighed yourself, i would say weigh in but say you dont need any shakes. xxx


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2lb gain after your hols is a credit to you, well done. go for your WI just to motivate you until the shakes run out


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welcome back and well done on only 2lb gain, i dont think i could wait 3 weeks for a weigh in!
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Welcome back hun and congrats on such a tiny gain! You'll have that gone in a matter of days on TFR! :) x
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Welcome back hun, glad to hear you had a great holiday and well done for only putting on 2lb.

I would definitely go for a WI. I like to have about a weeks spare packs just in case so I would say you don't need anymore this week.

Good luck.



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What gems you all are.

Fraggle - I have a very good chemist who advised me that as I had a number of major events (such as 50th birthday etc) then if I failed to take part it may well cause me to drop out of the diet (this is bracketed by as I’d so much to lose) so instead I "planned" my eating and had a shake in the morning then light lunch and regular dinner. The two main things that I stuck to on holiday were no snacking - my rule to myself was I had to sit at a table to eat! That meant no ice-creams etc and very limited alcohol – i.e. 2 glasses of wine in the whole three weeks. To be honest I’d been on LT since beginning of July and my whole attitude to food had changed and I ate much smaller portions

Good luck with it and above all have a good holiday


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