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  1. Hi! :sign0144:

    My name is Lauren, I'm 22 & from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
    I've recently started on a vlcd and now that I'm nearing the end of my first week I've realized a forum would be a bloody good thing to join as an aid - I think my family, friends and work colleagues will be bored pretty soon, if not already, of the diet talk and it would be lovely to have some like minded company!

    I've wrote an in depth blog post if anyone wants to know the full story of my first (almost) 6 days on plan, but basically when I prematurely weighed myself this morning (lacking motivation, almost threw in the towel) I'd lost 5kg (12lbs ish) since Tuesday. If thats not motivationn enough for me to carry on I'm not really sure what is!!
    Aim at the moment is to lost 2lbs by my weekly weigh in on Tuesday to make it a stone in a week, however if I don't I'm MORE than happy!

    So anyways - hi there :) #Rambled
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  3. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    Wow that is incredible well done you. I am new here too. Just started the Cambridge Diet 2 days ago.....so far so good. ....
  4. Thanks :)!
    Glad your finding Cambridge okay, I really wanted to do that diet however it was a little bit out of my budget :(
  5. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    The cost is one way that I hope will keep me motivated and make me stick to it!
  6. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Welcome to Minimins

    Unfortunately your specific diet is banned from the site so please dont mention it by name
  7. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    I don't understand. There are lots of posts, threads etc about the Cambridge Diet including sole source which is what I am following. Please explain ?
  8. Banned =O !
    Now im panicking!
  9. I think it might mean the diet that I'm on, Cambridge has tons of posts but the one im doing doesn't have any that I can see. Now im totally panicking about it! I thought it was just a cheaper alternative to Cambridge :/
  10. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    Oh. So why did I get that message? You didn't even mention the name of the diet you were trying on your newbie post...that was the first contact I'd had from anyone 'in charge' since I first joined this forum on Friday. Funny sort of welcome...try not to worry Lauren. Are there any reviews of your diet out there on the net?
  11. I'm not entirely sure why you got the message! I know, it was in my signature though, so ive now removed it from there! Maybe its because its not one of the big brands.. im not really sure! Yeah there's tons, there's a trustpilot page too which is very trustworthy as its external to the company. The firm i work for has a trustpilot, you cant fiddle them haha so I'll try not to worry, think I was just abit shocked to find out a certain brand of diet is banned!
  12. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    Trust pilot? What is this? I work from home so I've never come across that term...
  13. Its just a website for reviews, like trip advisor for companys :)
  14. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    Hi Lauren how is the diet going? Day 3 was an absolute killer for me but today was fine!

    Izzy x

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