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I see lots of faces from the Atkins board. You all seem to be doing much better on the Dukan.

I stupidly went back to Cambridge last week and have given up already. My blood sugar levels were far too low all the time and I passed out yesterday.

Soooo.........I've ordered the book but want to get started straight away. I've read lots about it from previous posts and I reckon by the time I'm ready to get out of attack phase my book will be here but a have a ? or 2.

On PP days (or in attack phase) what can I have with my meat. I don't like dry things. Can I whip up some quark with some herbs to use as a spread? Or make up some stock?

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Hey nic - great to see you here!!!
On PP days you can make the dukan mayo with fromage frais and egg yolk and whatever herbs you like. Or fat free cottage cheese, or quark. fat free yog with mint in is lovely too.

The book has some great sauce recipes in it too.

Best of luck and get reading as soon as the book comes!
can you make chicken soup without stock..

i use 1 chicken in water 1 small onion black pepper and a little salt.
boil till chicken falling off the bone.. i sive out all the solids and put the liquid back to boil
them remove all the chicken from the bone, shred and put it in the liquid to cook further.
whisk up an egg and pour it in.... this cooks in the boiled soup and thats my chicken soup.. sometimes add more spices to taste..

will this be ok for attack as lunch or snack?

i usually have sweet corn in here but left it out...


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thats fine. can you leave onion out too :)
not even a small oinion? thats atleast 5 portions of soup or more... the onion will get sived out anyway not eaten.... still no small onion?


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Hi Sona - the soup sounds lovely. I will make a batch up over the weekend.

Vicky - I knew that you'd be able to give me a mayo alternative! I remember an old post on Atkins when you said you were getting through 2 cups a day of the stuff! LOL! Never thought about cottage cheese. Will look at the list of allowed things again.


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LOL i think i over exaggerated that! when are you getting your book hon?


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Not sure. Ordered from Amazon this morning and it's in stock so it should be here by next week. According to the Dukan website I need to stay on attack for 7 days so I've just got to keep plodding along until then.


2nd time's a charm!!
I ordered my book from Amazon using the super saver delivery and it was with me in 2 days. Seems I've been luckie than some with that, though. I did Cambridge for 7 months and have tried to go back on it, but just can't face it. Dukan seems so much easier as it's real food!! Good luck with it. Found oatbran in tescos with the muesli and porridge oats.


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Hey sona that soup sounds lovely. I tend to use pieces of chicken as i dont like bits of fat coming off the carcus but if your straining it then i guess it doesnt matter. Now the egg????? Does that come out like little poached bits of egg? I really like the sound of that
yup i guess egg looks like lil pouches bits i tend to whisk it by hand a bit to mix it up a bit.

guys im really feeling a bit strange i feel like im not prepared at all!
i have no eggs
no chicken
no oatbran
no beef
no mince patties
no formage friase
no quark.

im hoping to buy some beef today will marinate and half cook some of it to refigerate and freeze some of it.

same with chicken ( breast and thigh without bone)

Hope to make some chicken patties ( chicken mince, a little onion, spices and egg)

Will buy from tesco: formage fraise, oatbran, eggs

will i be ready for tomorow? agghh
started yesterday,
panic over! lolz i was fine
ive got some menus worked out with the food i have bought and
prepared so feel better. Day 2 today and so far soo good!

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