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Hello :)

Hi Everyone :newbie:

Just want to say hello, I've not been on this board since about April time. I've decided to come back to SW and give it another go, the food is great and I'm sure I'll enjoy eating all my favourite SW meals again. Need to go into the attic to get my directory and I'll be well on my way.

Today is day one, so I'm hoping all will go well and I'll be regularly posting here again. Will update my signature and get a food diary going again too.

Hope everyone is well, look forward to catching up with you all,
Gobolino x

PS meanwhile if anyone has any great reasons why they find SW the best, please remind me as I could do with a whole load of inspiration to get me going ! :help2: :bliss: x
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going to do it!!!!
Hi there and welcome, im fairly new to sw so still finding my feet with it but hoping to lose my weight with sw. Cant believe all the diets ive done, and ive done the lot i NEVER tried sw, its great and doesnt feel like a diet at all!!!!

Jo xx
Josie it looks like you are doing really well already (looking at your signature).... its funny all the different diets we try isnt it! I think it speaks volumes that SW is ok to do while pregnant. I'm hoping to conceive soon so it makes sense to already be doing something that I can continue with. All the best x
Indeedy but limiting it to my syns could be a problem, at long as I dont buy multipacks I'll be fine! Just had a hot chocolate :bliss:
Good tactic Shelly! Its obviously working for you, -6.5lb for week 1 is fab :D
PS meanwhile if anyone has any great reasons why they find SW the best, please remind me as I could do with a whole load of inspiration to get me going !
ive just sat and eaten a MASSIVE bacon double cheese burger (homemade of course) for my tea! tell me what other diet lets you do that ey?! ;) and ive just had half a wispa and a hot chocolate and all well within my syn limit for the day... :D

i love SW!!

welcome back to the forum hun xx
You can go out to eat and not feel stressed!! I had a huge roast dinner in a pub on my first week and still lost 5lbs!!


going to do it!!!!
yeah i do love it , even though i gained half pound tuesday ??? dont know how but hey ho still on plan and loving it!! am really enjoying eating with the family and kids not asking if im allowed that!! ive 4 sons , aged 15, 12 and 3 yr old twins and my 12yr old who doesnt really need to lose weight joined with me 2 weeks ago as hes really interested in healthy eating and cooking, he wants to open a restaurant when hes older,and hes lost 3.5 lb in 2 weeks!! hes so pleased and now wants to open a restaurant that just does sw food, bless him :):):)
ps sorry bout the spelling lol!!
Hey thanks for the welcomes and all the lovely ideas of what you can still do on SW..... I know it makes sense just not sure why I went away, but glad I've made it back ! Must make it to goal this time :)
Well done getting back onboard! SW is fantastic - it's a way to eat healthily for life rather than a diet :D. Other slimming groups (mentioning no names) tout theirs as a way to eat healthily for life, but quite frankly I'm not gonna be counting the points in peas for the rest of my life!

I'm on green as I'm a veggie and the sheer amount of food that is 'free' is staggering! I love it - especially as I get two each of HEa's and HEb's.

Go for it Huni! X

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