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Hi, I thought I'd come and join you on this forum if that's ok :)

I've been calorie counting for the last two weeks (having lost a lof weight two years ago and keeping it off, but I'd like to lose a bit more- still a bit podge lol). I've been trying to do about 1200, my days vary from 1150 to 1250 and on Sunday I do 1600, just to give my metabolism a bit of a boost so it doesn't slow down. Do you think this is ok?

I've been reading a few of your diaries and they're really interesting and helpful.

I tend to just use a spreedsheet I've made, but one other question I have is: I weigh myself every day, same time, same clothes etc. would people advise against this and stick to the weekly ones? I think I might not have enough will-power!
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Welcome themango:welcome2:

Congratulations on your weight loss and especially for keeping it off for so long as that is a wonderful achievement:happy096:

If you find you are losing weight with the regime you are doing then I would stick to it.

As for weighing some experts say that daily weighing if it is done at the same time preferably in the morning after the loo with no clothes on which gives the most accurate results as the weight can fluctuate throughout the day does help dieters to stay on track and to maintain their weight loss...then of course you will find others who disagree but I am in the first camp myself and like to weigh every morning as I find when I stay away from the scales my weight seems to creep back on.

Good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey:)
I officially record my weight once a week, but I do have cheeky peeks at the scales during that week to see how I'm doing, and as mini said this is done first thing after the loo in my birthday suit.

Have you seen myfitnesspal? It's a great website and phone app that helps keep track of calories. It helped kick start my weight loss after a 9 week plateau because I did not consider eating more on days that I exercised so my metabolism hated me!!! lol!!!

Good luck with the rest of your journey, let us know how you get on. x
Thanks for the welcome :)

I have seen myfitnesspal but it seems to take me too long to fill it in etc, although it is useful with the fat/protein content etc of everything as my spreadsheet purely counts calories and with not eating meat I feel that I probably do not get enough protein somehow.

Do you think that the 1600 calorie day once a week is a good or bad idea? Do I need it to boost the metabolism or shall I just leave it at 1200 all week?

Also, my exervcise is very sporadic so when I do it shall i eat those calories that day or what???!

Sorry for all teh questions but thanks for all the help :)
I stick to 1390 "net" cals a day. So if I do no exercise I only eat 1390 cals a day. If I exercise I eat the calories that I burn so I always have 1390 "net" cals a day. E.g. one hours aerobics equals around 600 cals for someone my size, so when I do an aerobics class I eat 1990 cals (1990 cals consumed - 600 exercise cals = 1390 net cals).

That way I always have a deficit that should equal a loss of around 1.5lbs a week, and I'm ensuring that my body has more energy on the days it exercises.

This works for me at the moment... but if you think something else will work for you then give it a go. Everyone is different and just because something works for me does not always mean it will work for you.

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