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Hi everyone, I'm currently doing SW but I really fancy giving the Unit Diet a go! I'm having bother ordering the stuff though...waiting for someone to phone me back so fingers crossed they'll phone today! Is the Unit Diet easy to follow if you're a veggie? I like SW but I just fancy a wee change and this looks great! Has anyone else changed from SW to this and found it easier? Sorry for all the questions! x
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Hi Dita :)

I've done every diet. I never really got on with sw as I hate meat, so guess we're kind of similar food wise.

I find the unit diet easier than sw mainly because most veggie friendly foods are free or very low in units. Quorn mince and chunks are free, all veg is free, pasta, rice and noodles are very low in units. The only downer is that cheese is pretty high, so if you like cheese you'd eaither need to have it on special ocassions, or switch to a lower fat type.

Good luck with your ordering.

Love Lou xxx
Hi there

I'm still waiting on the info pack I requested from them 4 weeks ago, called again last week said it would take about 10 days. I eventually gave up and ordered the basic pack from Ebay (from Jigsaw slimming) think it was 14.99 plus delivery. Good luck with it, I'm on day 3 and all is going well.
hiya! I think the UD has lots of paralels with SW, in the free foods element and having 10 units a day..it's the cost of foods as units as opposed to syns that vary dramatically though. You don't get the HE on UD, so food is either free or has unit value, which makes it simpler in some ways I suppose.

Hi girls thanks so much for your replies! I finally managed to get my order placed (hope it's not gonna take ages though or I might need to get it from Ebay too!) I've seen the thread for the basic free food list, does anyone know if there's anywhere I can find out the unit values for stuff like Laughing Cow Triangles, Ryvitas etc? This plan appealed to me so much coz I love my cereals! Sorry again for all the questions, I'm just dead keen to give it a go! Thanks again. xx
You'll get a matrix in your pack to work out values, you just need the calorie content and fat content. I think there was a branded foods book, but they've stopped production of that and are producing all the literature together in one big book which is going to cost £19.99. Once the Diamond plan goes live you can subscribe to that and have all the info on line if you prefer. It's going to be £12.99 a month.

That's great Vikki thanks for that. I'll give it a go just using the free foods list until my pack arrives...just had the e-mail confirmation saying to give it up to 5 days to arrive, so fingers crossed! Thanks again to everyone for your help. xx
Don't worry hun, mine arrived the next morning, I think there's a few of us the same. It'll probably be with you in the morning :)
welcome to units my diet pack arrived the following morning too xx
Ooh I got all excited til I realised they probably need someone to sign for it and I'm at work :sigh: Ah well I can't wait for it to arrive! I'll probably be annoying you all with more questions just until I get to grips with it...so I'll apologise in advance! Thanks again for the welcome everyone! :D xx
Thank you! :)

Well it didn't arrive today so I'm hoping it arrives in time for me to plan my week next week. I'm just sooo eager to get started!!! :D

I've loved doing SW but since I've only been a few lbs or so from target I've totally stuck, so I'm hoping this will shake up my metabolism again. There's only so long a girl can live off Pasta n Sauces! (much as I love them!)

Good luck to you all for this weeks weigh-ins! xx

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