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Hello :)

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by 10stoneplease, 30 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. 10stoneplease

    10stoneplease cOOOOKIieeeesss

    Hi Everyone, Im Kim, Not quite new to MiniMins just haven't been around for a little while.
    I'm really lacking in motivation at the mo :( And could do with some friendly support to push me further,
    I'm on diet recommend by my doctor and so far so good!
    Its not your usual diet - but still within the calorie counting section, so i think i have come to the right place.

    A little bit about me - well for the past 8 years i have gone between 9 stones, up to 11 stone 7 lbs then right up to 14 stone 7lbs
    i Have probably been on every diet known to man! mainly faddy type diets, with as you can imagine no success.
    Over the past year I have just started to give up -
    Christmas was a nightmare for me as there was 12 people there and i was fattest everyone else being size 8 - 10.(The Girls i mean)
    (which far outnumbered the boys)

    It upset me, but gave me some much needed to motivation to not be the biggest one next year!
    I went to see my doctor - the only place i haven't been for weight loss advice!
    And he suggested something which shocked me - But told me to do it and so far i Have lost 6lbs,
    So for now ill stick with it, and i am just introducing some mild walking into it - which i started yesterday
    I would love to get to 13 stone by my birthday 27th February - which i haven't seen that on the scales for at least 3 years
    Looking forward to meeting you all and following you on your journeys
    Kim xx
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  3. Sharon

    Sharon Well-Known Member

    Hi Kim

    Welcome back. I've only been here a few weeks but there's lots of help and support as you already know.
    I'm calorie counting for the first time and am doing ok but I do lack in motivation sometimes. This might sound nuts but I get up and look in the mirror. I dont like looking at myself so looking in the mirror reminds me why I'm watching what I eat and walking on my treadmill.
    Doesn't always work tho! Lol

    Hope your having a good day
  4. 10stoneplease

    10stoneplease cOOOOKIieeeesss

    Hey Sharon - Thanks for the welcome, No its doesn't sound nuts at all! I actually like your way of thinking, i think i may try that one myself TBH. :)
    i'm a bit poorly today, so not having a great day so far :( But food wise i haven't eaten anything at all - think ill have to force feed myself something later,
    Just noticed your ticker - congrats on the great weight loss so far! your doing Brill! xx
  5. gabbiearcher

    gabbiearcher Well-Known Member

    Welcome back :) xx
  6. 10stoneplease

    10stoneplease cOOOOKIieeeesss

    Hi Gabbie! Thanks for the Welcome. Wow Very Impressive Weight loss - is that 77lbs in 9 months? Please share how you did it :) xx
  7. gabbiearcher

    gabbiearcher Well-Known Member

    Yep 77lb in 9 months..! Hoping to reach the 100lb mark before I reach the one year mark! I haven't really got any secrets.. Kept low fat and within my calories, 100% for 9 months and counting.. Wish I had a good secret to share but really nothing amazing.. :) TBH if I can do anyone can, my willpower stinks! :) x
  8. 10stoneplease

    10stoneplease cOOOOKIieeeesss

    Thats Just Amazing you must be so proud of yourself! And im sure you'll do it - can i ask if you've done any exercising as well, ive only just started adding walking to it, though i haven't done any today (too poorly) x
  9. gabbiearcher

    gabbiearcher Well-Known Member

    I really only walk for exercise, although currently day 4 in to 30 day shred.. I try and do at least 100 minutes of walking a day.. Aww bless you, I hope your feeling 100% soon, not the easiest being ill at the start of a diet! Xx
  10. Agent Shagwell

    Agent Shagwell Well-Known Member

    Welcome! What did your doctor suggest?
  11. 10stoneplease

    10stoneplease cOOOOKIieeeesss

    Awww Thanks ((Hugs)) Feeling Much better today though,
    Omg the 30 day shred i got to day 5 and i literally couldn't get out of bed i was aching that much! its firmly packed away with all the rest of my exercise dvds till i can bare to try it again - you must let me know how you get on with it.
    I think im going to try and get in some walking today too. But its just so windy today :/ hmmm excuse's excuse's lol xx
  12. 10stoneplease

    10stoneplease cOOOOKIieeeesss

    Hi SuperGroovy Thanks for the welcome!! xxx
    I dont really want to say what my doctor suggested - as i think i may get slammed for it, And i really dont want to get into an argument with anyone.....:eek: ...
    I know people have firm views & opinions on it - and i dont really want to promote what im doing either -
    But if i could lay it down before i tell you what it is, well fingers crossed people dont go to mad,
    I find its working for me - i feel happy & healthy with weirdly much more energy than when i started it, Im taking multivitamins and drinking my taps dry!
    And Im losing weight which is the main thing & above all im happy with what im doing..... so here goes.
    My doctor isnt one to mince words he doesn't believe in the starvation mode myth He basically said eat less do more.
    its not rocket science..
    So he suggested intermittent fasting or only eating one good meal a day. But ive still been eating a toffee crisp every night too!
    Ive stuck with only eating one meal a day.
    He told me to come back in a month & he bets ive lost a stone - 6lbs off already and over two weeks until my appointment.

    I have my own views and opinions on eating i realise that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to some people .. but not to me.
    I also find it sicking how the cereal company's make billions every years promoting how important it is too.
    David blane lost 56lbs in 44 days not eating stuck in a box - so not sure where the starvation mode things fits in there,
    In a nut shell i feel happy with what im doing and feel something is finally working for me.

    And if i can add too, My partner did also join me and has also lost 1 stone he was 20stone hes now 18st 13lbs
  13. PandaNate

    PandaNate Well-Known Member

    So the diet is 1 meal a day? Someone on my MFP is fasting every other day, and my friend eats 300-400cals a day as her diet, although i find she struggles extremely with it. Do you think the doctor will ask you to go up in cals after this 'honeymoon' period.

    Anyhow, hello! Have you lost a stone now?
    I've been on SW, WW and calorie counting, I've tried other diets but SW and CC worked best for me, SW though right now can't work as I'm agoraphobic and going to a meeting is too 'traumatic' for me and I work shifts so can't always guarantee I'm free and I don't think swapping classes all the time will help me. So CC it is :) I struggle with motivation, for exercise and eating, I tend to eat out of boredom and emotional issues. xx Will keep popping in. x
  14. 10stoneplease

    10stoneplease cOOOOKIieeeesss

    Hi PandaNate :) Im sure he probably will ask me too - but tbh im quite happy doing as i am, for the moment - But i do realize that i might struggle committing to it long term. But im just going to see how it goes for now & take each day as it comes :)
    I'm with you with the motivation thing - especially with exercising,
    My troubles have always been with the scales - i hate them darn things.
    especially when Ive been working hard all week stuck to diets and done 1hrs of exercise a day - ill weigh myself at the end of the week & gutted to see i haven't lost an ounce - Thats a huge motivation killer for me - i'm really looking forward to following you on your journey,
    Ive just noticed you've lost 3lbs already that's brilliant ! you must be chuffed - Thats over a bag and a half of sugar already! well done xxx
  15. PandaNate

    PandaNate Well-Known Member

    I think extreme diets can work to kick start your diet enough for you to keep going, but tbh as long as your body IS getting what it needs, people go on about how much you should eat when really what I just said is all that matters. Fuel for the body is what it is haha.

    Just made my first meal from The Hairy Dieters :) Gorgeous...! I lose pretty quickly the first week, 3lb is about average for me, I have gained 1.5lb back due to the stress I've had the past week but it'll come off if I'm good over the weekend. It's when I hit 7lb loss that my body then struggles. I'm considering doing a binge day once a month, a lot of gym instructors have told my friends who go the gym that having a day where you actually go over cals by say 500/1000 can shock your body into losing after a month of strict on target eating. We'll see though, it might not suit me but it's about experimenting I think, I'm not on any timeframe.

  16. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Well-Known Member

    I have a binge day every two-three weeks. I swear it keeps my losses from stalling. X

    Currently 14st 12lbs
  17. PandaNate

    PandaNate Well-Known Member

    What do you do on your binge day? Just eat what you like? I'm a snacker and we eat out alot. x
  18. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Well-Known Member

    Pretty much eat what I like yeah. I've been super bad on some binges! I still add the calories up. Hit 4000 calories before but ill be honest, Having a one off binge hasn't stopped my loses. I'm not saying everyone should do it but the way I see it, if I have 18 binges a year. It's only an extra (at a guess) 2/3 weeks added on to my target date. I've been fat for years. An extra 2/3 weeks won't hurt me. I think as long as you can write a day off a start again. You'll reach target one day. X

    Currently 14st 12lbs
  19. PandaNate

    PandaNate Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I've been big since age 15. Smallest I've been is 13st and i just went back up from then, then down to 14 and back up to near 16 (now)... Slow and steady works for me and i just want to feel well again. heh
  20. 10stoneplease

    10stoneplease cOOOOKIieeeesss

    I have always allowed myself Binge days - or treat days. on every diet Ive been on, i think its important to give yourself a break every now and again.
    Sometimes ive eaten some thing i usually love and gone urgghh - why did i eat that. its not even that nice lol x
  21. PandaNate

    PandaNate Well-Known Member

    Thats true! I used to love dorito crisps and now I don't really care for them, it could be they're ideal to eat out of boredom (like chip after chip after chip goes into the mouth).

    I woke pretty depressed today, but did something constructive by listing things on eBay so feel somewhat better, had a panic attack or two as well... :/ got about 700cals for dinner. I haven't left the flat since Tuesday night, Wednesday night we went brum to take my guinea pig to the specialist but it's not the same thing as going for a walk or going to town... Plus I haven't seen my boyfriend since Wednesday evening also as he's been busy and is out tonight and I have like withdrawal symptoms lol.

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