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  1. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Hi there - I'm new to this forum. In fact, I'm new to forums in general! :wave_cry: I'm using the new members guide etc to help me find my way around but may need more help along the way! I've rejoined slimming world. I currently weigh 14st 13.5lb (a good weight to start, as every time I drop a stone, I'll be in a new number!). I don't know my target weight I want - when I fit in some size 12 jeans I'll be pleased so whatever weight that will turn out to be :)

    I fully intend to achieve my target this year as so far I'm off to a good start!
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Miller2 to MiniMins:welcome2:

    It takes a little time to get to know how to use the site as it is very big but if you go into the Slimming World Forums you can stay within that forum if you like and only read that part of the forum...you will see at the top of the page within the forum two large buttons...The first one says Post New Thread In Slimming World...that is if you want to start a new thread...The second button says Find New Post in: Slimming World ...if you click on it you will get all the new posts within the Slimming World Forums leaving out the rest of the forums on the site.

    If you click on the link below it will take you to the Slimming World Forums on here and on the link you will see all the sub forums with in the main forum.

    Slimming World

    If you read the weight loss diaries and food diaries they will provide plenty of information and inspiration...You are welcome to start a weight loss diary or food diary to keep you on track and focused.

    Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary

    Slimming World - Food Diaries

    Also here is a link for the SW Inspirational forum and success stories.

    Slimming World - Inspirational Photos

    Be sure to introduce yourself and say hello on the SW forum and if you read the threads on the stickies you will find them very helpful as they have lots of wonderful information to help you on your weight loss journey and if you need any help be sure to ask as our members are always willing to help out.:)

    Slimming World
  4. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    Hi Miller2 welcome to the forum and I wish u good luck with SW.
  5. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Thanks that's really helpful info :) I feel really motivated this time, but I know what I'm like, my motivation can fade after a while so I'm hoping this blog might help me stay on track a bit better! Will have a look at the weight loss diary in a moment. It sounds like it could be useful for me.

    Thanks again!
  6. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    When I search for the app (android) two come up. Do you know which one is the proper one?
  7. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    The one with the red ribbon is the newer one.
  8. HEmam

    HEmam Full Member

    Hi! You sound very focused which is a fantastic start! Wishing you all the best with your weight loss journey x
  9. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Where do you get the stickers from for the bottom of signatures? How do you put them on? Want to know ready for when I get my first half stone award :)
  10. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    In my edit profile section, there is a bit on milestones:

    No Badge
    Half Century Type 1
    Half Century Type 2 etc

    What does that mean?
  11. tattoominx

    tattoominx Full Member

    Hello and good luck xxx
  12. HEmam

    HEmam Full Member

    No idea about the badges I'm afraid, century is if you have 100lb+ to lose but no idea what the rest are x
  13. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    If you have lost Century/100lbs or a Half Century/ 50lbs you have a choice of different design of badges and the one you click will show up above your Avatar.

    No Badge means what it says.
  14. HEmam

    HEmam Full Member

    Thanks mini :)
  15. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

  16. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Another Question! How do you subscribe to someone's thread? Sorry if this is a basic question but as I said I've never been on forums before. Though I'm loving this one. It's really motivating and is really helping me to keep on track :)
  17. HEmam

    HEmam Full Member

    Look under thread tools at the top of the thread hun x

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