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  1. kevin1981

    kevin1981 New Member

    Just signed up today.

    Being a man I never really took notice of slimming clubs and recipes, but through my partner's interest, I have now started to change my diet to something more healthier.

    I'm not great in the kitchen, in fact I'm pretty useless, but I'm determined to get better :) Through work and family commitments, I find it hard to take the time to experiment with recipes, etc, so to begin with I'm going to stick with low calorie branded products that I can buy in shops.

    There are so many different forums on here, so I was hoping someone could point me to the most suitable forum for sharing ideas and low calorie branded products such as curry sauces, etc. I believe Colmans do a good low calorie curry sauce for example.

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  3. babypat

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    Hi Kevin welcome to the forum. Just to wish u good luck with ur weight loss journey.
  4. Kylie1711

    Kylie1711 Member

    Hi I'm new too and don't have a clue why I'm doing!! Any help would really be appreciated :)

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