Helloo couple of questions..


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Right well i came off lipotrim roughly about 3/4 months ago (with a couple of attempts to restart) which obviously i didnt stick to.

Annyyway i want to start again, hopefully ill get back into the swing of things.

Ive still got about 5/6 shakes from awhile ago but i think their best before date was october, would it be alright to have? :O

Allsssoo, the bad breath thing :S..ive got a new chap and as its early days i dont want to scare him away with nasty breath haha. Anything i can do about it? And do your partners actually notice it?

-Who has put on about 7 pounds, oh dear-
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Hey Mellum,

Can't answer all your questions, but i copy & pasted this info from the Cambridge Dieters website about what happens when a shake is out-of-date, and as Lipotrim & the Cambridge Diet are similar i figured the same rules apply here:

Out Of Date Stock: Powders

  • The vitamins and minerals start to deteriorate.
  • The flavour changes and will start to taste stale.
  • The fats, essential fats are added, sunflower oil is added, and the soya flour contains fat these are the elements that become rancid.

[Copied from: Cambridge Dieters]

Since your ones aren't long out-of-date, i suppose you could try one and if it tastes dodgy bin them and get a new supply. Good luck for your restart tho! :) And good luck with the new chap!! :D



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aaaah the bad breath thing!.... im paranoid about it because i notice it myself... i have told my other half that i will not see him for a while because i know if i see him i will cheat. It kinda makes it easy because i live up north and he's down south!.... its gonna be hard not seeing him but i know when he sees me it will be well worth it. and god forbid he ever smelt the lipo-breath i would die....
apparently listerine strips are meant to be good... but they are vile! and i cant find them anywhere...
good luck with ur new man xx