Helloooo anyone remember me? Help new to site


Ello all:)

OMG just been on dh site how different and had to come on here seems this must be the place to be....however I aint a clue how to use it any advice welcome.

BTW missed you all x

Mini site looks excellent x

Love Zoe aka Bondie(bondgirl)
Hiya Bondie!! How's u?

Yes DH had a revamp but not for me anymore.

Anyway welcome to the boards!

Ello Mike hunni hows you?

Yeah it looks erm very different.....didn't see anyone on I knew :mad:

Guess everyones on here instead.

Good to see you mate x
Hello and welcome Bondgirl! :D

Many thanks DQ I'm sure I'll become a bit of a regular now I've found the site lol x
Nice to see you on here Bondgirl :)

I now only use the 'New Posts' feature found in the blue strip along the top of the page ;)
Come on Bondie, you are not even trying? I bet you will remember me if you think about it? DHH forums...a couple of years or so by now - where does the time go?